Julia Pierson Out

Pierson being sworn in by Obama

Pierson being sworn in by Obama

Head of the Secret Service Julia Pierson has resigned. Just yesterday White House Spokesman  Josh Earnest mouthed the  lines “The President has confidence in Julia Pierson to do the job” less than a day later Pierson  was done.

Obama accepted her resignation. So much for confidence! We applaud the decision of the President to accept her resignation, it is one thing to give someone a chance to do a job . It is another thing when serious breaches as the ones documented ,happen over and over again.

This is not about whether one likes the President or not . It isn’t even a matter of who the President is at a given time. The President of the United States and his family deserves the highest level of security. What happened under Julia Pierson was untenable. Had she remained it would have been impossible to rebuild trust in the Agency.

On the appointment of Julia Pierson, many including Major Media Houses crowed that Piersons elevation meant a breaking up of the old boys club. th (32)Frankly I am not sure what that means. People should be hired to do the job they are qualified for and which they are able to do do. It doesn’t matter what gender that person is.

Despite the crowing she was not up to the job, lets hope the next person who takes on that serious role, male or female will do a better job than what occurred on Pierson’s watch.