If organization, stage-craft, energy and effects were votes, president Obama would have been assured a second term.

We were treated to a business meeting in Tampa, where it seemed the workers were forced to turn out to hear the boss talk about himself.  Delegates it seemed would all rather be some-place else. The gloom-and-doom fest was appropriately summed up by their school-yard bully of a keynote speaker, Chris Christie, who lamented the lack of enthusiasm in their convention. The Democrats by contrast, showed republicans what diversity was, they showed them what America really looked like. Democrats did not need to place indigenous people in the front of the Arena to create a false impression of diversity, the Democratic Party is diversity, it is  America.

There was no hatred directed at Romney or Ryan, Democrats critiqued Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan and they lampooned them for their failings, lies and flip-flops, no one hates Mitt Romney, no one hates Paul Ryan, even though They have proven themselves to be  pathological liars. Republicans on the other hand were mostly there because of their hatred for Barack Obama. From the Chairman of their Party who refuses to acknowledge that President Obama is the president, to the new leader of the Party Mitt Romney, who continues to run despicable racist, lying welfare Ads against the president, they have little to talk about except about how bad Obama is, which of course they have told themselves untill now they believe it.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are betting on one thing only, that a sluggish economy will propel them into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.The choice for voters could not be clearer, and the stakes could not be higher. Not always do we get the opportunity to see train wreck before it happens. In 2010 voters rewarded the Republican Party with sweeping victories in the United States House of Representatives, taking the gavel from Nancy Pelosi and handed it to John Boehner. Some argued that appropriately so, as Democrats had argued amongst  themselves instead of passing the agenda the voters sent them to enact.

There is a lot of legitimacy to that argument, however I am not sure that many who voted against the Democrats were all Republicans, some were Independents and some were Democrats. But did the voters really know what they were getting into, did they understand that behind what appeared to be a legitimate grass-root movement were sinister big angry money at play?  Did they truly appreciate the magnitude of their vote when they elected a freshman class of far right-wing zealots that would take the Republican Party so far to the right Ronald Reagan would not be welcome in it.


Question :What does Romney want for America other than his desire to be president?

Mitt  Romney has no stated goal or ambition to lift the morale of the country, beyond his and his wife’s claim that it’s their time now.

Question: What is Romney’s plan  for the troops in Afghanistan?

Since Romney did not mention them at the republican convention, (unheard of before) we are forced to conclude that he has no clue what he should say,as the neo-cons have not yet developed a strategy that is any different from Obama’s so Romney remained silent. Take into account that Romney has nothing to say for his candidacy, other than critique what president Obama does.

Question: What is Romney’s plan for our delicate eco system and our environment?

If we are to believe Mitt Romney, quote: President Obama says he wants to slow the rise of the oceans, and heal the world , I want to help you and your family>(to laughter), clearly he doesn’t understand the power of the presidency neither does he understand the dangers of climate change. Either way we are screwed because Romney will do nothing. What we do know, is that Romney once embraced Global Warming as something humans have contributed to.

Romney cannot now embrace global warming, climate change or the stewardship of our delicate planet,big money corporate oil industrial barons will not allow it.

Question: What is Romney’s foreign policy?

Mitt Romney has no foreign policy strategy ,except what the neo-cons on the right fringe wants. That policy in a nutshell is another war of choice, this time with Iran. They have already started the drum-beat toward that end. What’s worthy of note, is that they have not shown themselves yet of course, with the exception of Don Senor, the likes of John Bolton, former US ambassador to the United Nation under Bush, and the other war mongers have pretty much stayed in the shadows , waiting to see how the elections turn out. Make no mistake about it they are primed and ready, this time for a war of choice with Iran, under the guise that Iran is about to set off a mushroom cloud.

According to Romney, Russia is America’s greatest geo-political foe. Conversely, according to former Secretary of State Madeline Albright ,when asked whether this was so , she said ,quote: “Romney is still living in the 20th century“,either Mitt Romney is still living in the 20th century or he is wilfully stirring up trouble at the insistence of the neo-cons, as part of a larger strategy to fight a proxy war with Iran.

Question: What is Romney’s strategy to deal with the poor and dispossessed?

Well, we are all aware of mister Romney’s statement of not being worried about the poor,I will not accuse him of what the democrats did in those AD’s, I do not believe he was saying he didn’t care about the poor. With that said, what he actually meant was even worse.

What Romney said was quote:”I’m not worried about the poor,they have a safety net if it’s broken I will fix it”

Coming from a presidential candidate, that is an even more atrocious statement, than the context in which the democrats attempted to cast it. The republican candidate for president simply confirmed to the world that he was comfortable with people being poor and dependent, and has affirmed that he would do what it took to keep them in their state of poverty, not create ways to lift them into the middle class.

Question: What is Romney’s strategy for the economy?

As the president said tax cuts for the wealthy, stick it to everyone else ! As former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm said at the convention, if it was up to Mitt Romney he would give the cars to his rich friends and give the shaft to the people.

It is shocking the way republicans hold voters in contempt, old relics like Newt Gingrich who alluded to the fact that Mitt Romney is a pathological liar during the primaries, now never misses an opportunity to prostitute himself politically, for the same person he acknowledges is a sorry liar.

Racial polorizer  Newt Gingrich is the prototype of exactly whats wrong with America. Gingrich was one of the architects of that infamous meeting which took place in Washington DC , that historic night Barack Obama was being sworn as a America’s 44 th President. At that meeting which included Gingrich and Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor, republicans were not discussing how to help the new president save the cratering US economy. They were treasonous in  plotting how to thwart the will of the American voters who had just unanimously elected the president of their choice and they were doing it as a way back to political power.

Gingrich  like Romney/Ryan  have systematically tried to drive a wedge between president Obama and former president Clinton, they have gone to great lengths to paint Clinton as the real democrat and Obama as the wild-eyed liberal Klingon[sic].

Gingrich said Sunday September 9th on CNN in a conversation with Candy Crowley, quote on one hand you have a real president, (referencing Clinton,) and  on the other you have another guy who is a pretender”.

Obviously this old washed up tub of lard did not spend his time judiciously listening to the president’s speech,or he certainly would have heard the president say “I am the President” he may have missed that part on one of his many trips to the refrigerator.

Crowley did not rebut, of course this was not surprising to me , the lame stream media is populated largely with republican operatives parading as real journalists, many secretly have spouses working within the republican establishment as well as the Romney Campaign.

People with short memory will forget that it was Gingrich who shut down the country twice because Clinton did not let him ride in the front of Air Force One , or some childish inconsequential thing like that. They would have forgotten that it was Gingrich who impeached Clinton, it was Gingrich who created Ken Starr the dogged republican operative who paraded as a special prosecutor  wasting tens of millions of tax payers dollars but produced nothing to show for it.

They would have forgotten that it was Gingrich and his republican cronies who did not support a single part of Clinton’s agenda, except welfare, which they later discovered was largely being exploited and abused by whites, not blacks as they had previously conned some low information constituents into believing.

Republicans did not mince words when they told Obama’s vice president Joe Biden, that they would not help with governing, they were not going to cooperate, even with Joe Biden who had been in the Senate for decades, they were prepared to take Joe Biden down in their hatred for Barack Obama. Never mind that Obama had not yet implemented a single policy.

It was race.

How hypocritical of these lying degenerates, to now suggest that Barack Obama has not tried to work with them, when their stated goal was for him to fail, we have it as part of historical record from their inspirational and intellectual leader Rush Limbaugh, we have it as a matter of record from their leader in the Senate. Many Liberals deserted Obama because they felt he was making too many overtures to republicans.

Republicans ran away from policy positions they embraced, policies they proposed, policies which came out of the right-wing Heritage Foundation, simply because Obama adopted those policies. Mitt Romney now runs away from Romney-care, the blue-print for Obama -care, simply because Obama embraced it.

So what we have is a moving of the goal-post, a continuous slapping away of the hand, as Deval Patrick said “Democrats must now stand up for what they believe in”, they must now stand up and push back hard against this misogynistic wave of right-wing reactionary garbage, and show what this president and this party has done for this country, cowering in fear no more, as these unpatriotic special interest tools wrap themselves in the American Flag ,while at the same time wishing for the country’s demise, as a way back to political power.

What pious baloney coming from the mouth of Mitt Romney,” I wish president Obama had succeeded” I have news for you Mitt Romney, the president have succeeded, despite your friends and surrogates rabid obstructionism.

Ask yourselves this question, “what was the basis for this bellicose position toward the new president who had not yet instituted a single policy”?

I’ll tell you what the basis was,”RACE”.

Republicans want you to believe the world started the day Barack Obama took the oath of office, they take every opportunity to point out what they want you to believe is wrong with the country, the economy, and the Obama Administration.

Absent their arguments, are any acknowledgements that it was under their watch ,just four years ago, that this country’s economy was destroyed, the economy cratered and kept falling even as  the new president was being sworn into office, today the economy has been stabilized, over four million new jobs have been created over the last 4 years under Obama.

As Bill Clinton alluded, republicans want to tell you the president have not fixed the mess they created fast enough, so you should fire him and put them back in charge.

Just how stupid do they think you are?

You decide !