ENTERTAINER Vybz Kartel, in a plea for his freedom, told the 11-member panel of jurors in the High Court yesterday that his skin bleaching and tattoos were tools of his trade and asked not to be judged by his appearance. In one of five unsworn statements from the dock by the accused men, Vybz Kartel, asked Justice Lennox Campbell and the jurors to separate Vybz Kartel from Adidja Palmer.“My Lord, I bleach my skin and I am heavily tattooed also . My Lord, that is merely superficial, that is the persona of Vybz Kartel, not Adidja Palmer. My Lord, I think you will agree…,” he said. “Who me?” asked Justice Campbell. “Yes, My Lord, that sometimes a person can be judged by the way they look. My Lord, I am not an alien who came from space and landed on Earth.

Drum Roll please …………And the Oscar goes to Vybz Kartel. What a load of crock. Many have argued that Adidja  Palmer is a smart ,talented man. I will withhold personal judgement on smart. On talented however, brilliant. This is Kartel at his vintage best. The liberal Judge Lennox Campbell is being mesmerized by a true Artiste. This Court-room is Kartel’s stage. The trial Judge, Jury and others in that room a mere audience to his mastery. He was awaiting this moment. The moment to woo his audience, to mesmerize his subjects , this is what Kartel does on stage. The allusion to his tattoos , his skin bleaching, making himself a victim. The whole talk about being placed on the floor by the police, clearly a brilliant attempt to evoke any negative emotions jury members may have of the Police. Mentioning the actions of a less than popular Minister of National Security Minister. All aimed at evoking an emotional response from the Jury.

A brilliant strategy he and his Attorneys may think. Yet a strategy which shows he has no defense to the charges. This is smoke and mirrors, theatrics, innuendos and unsubstantiated allegations of impropriety. In a Court-Room where Justice is sacrosanct this display of theatrics would be seen for what it is. Yes  Adidja Palmer, Vybes Kartel would be allowed to say his piece but at the end of his theatrics there would be one verdict “Guilty“.Unfortunately the few Jamaicans left who want to see justice done, must still be nervous and apprehensive. Despite the rarity of overwhelming evidence as this, against accused in Jamaica, the system is so broken, no one would be surprised if they walked. At best, even if convicted ,they will probably end up with a slap on the wrist from this particular Liberal Activist, acting as presiding Judge.



One thought on “KARTEL CLOSE TO TEARS . Give Me A Damn Break !

  1. Mike , Your caption had me cracking man, but aptly titled. I am of the firm belief that Kartel is guilty of the crime . However, Jamaica being a country that facilitates natural justice, which dictates that his side must heard exhaustively and evaluated in a court of Law , ensures that he cannot be judged until that is done . unfortunately we will never hear his side as he has opted to give an unsworn statement, the veracity of which cannot be tested. The prosecution have had some erratic moments , with the police making it easy for the defense. I am prepared to say that he will walk and even if he is convicted he has good grounds for an appeal . the prosecution has won round one by ensuring that Vybz had a question to answer in respect of the crime as it relates to the no case submission . The hand writing expert for the defense has offered some leverage for the defense , its all over to the jury this week ….the future outcome of this case is unpredictable , I can only say I hope justice prevails. O.J Simpson was guilty as hell , he walked …..

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