The Killing of Police Officers have restarted in earnest in Jamaica. Last week retired SSP Anthony Hewitt was slaughtered, last night a young detective Corporal was gunned down close to his home in yet another attack on the fabric of the society.

In yet another assault on the Jamaican psyche and the existence of the Jamaican Nation not to be seen as a failed State Jamaica’s criminals are once again unleashed onto Law Enforcement Officers, in brazen fusillade of deadly attacks.

This Government is probably the most incompetent this country has had, this really does not bode well for our country, which has bounced  from one incompetent Administration to another.

The top leadership of the Country is bereft of a coherent policy to Governing. It came to office after just 4 years in opposition after being  in  power for 181/2 continuous years.

When the PNP was removed from Office it was clear that they were exhausted, out of ideas and had wrecked the country immeasurably. It could reasonably be argued they were relieved to be out of office on the one hand, but when Jamaican politics are considered contextually,where political power means raiding the public purse for their own ends, we would hold off on that notion.

Detective Corporal Warren Campbell

The People’s National Party was returned to power without a plan,they were stunned when they were once again given the reins of power on December 29th last year. As such they did not table one single piece of Legislation in the House which would benefit the Jamaican people in 100 days, not one!

Crime is the single largest impediment  to prosperity in Jamaica. Contract killings are on the rise, just today Friday the Jamaica Daily Gleaner reported that the killing of Senior Superintendent Anthony Hewitt was a contract Killing.

We have no evidence beyond what that medium reported but it is common knowledge that for a couple of thousand Jamaican dollars, on any street corner one may contract an assassin.

The killing of this young 26-year-old detective is yet another, in a long line in the narrative that Jamaica is fast becoming a failed state, characterized by contract killings and wanton slaughter even of law enforcement officers.

Detective Corporal Campbell was reportedly shot 7 times, Anthony Hewitt was reportedly shot 4 times, my experience in law enforcement tells me these are not just regular killings. These characteristics lend themselves to the modus operandi of contract killers , or rage killings.

Jamaica  was handed over to criminal rights during the failed administration of Percival Patterson when our country was reduced to little more than a dump heap, when most countries recorded tremendous growth following the American economic explosion.

Criminal supporting groups like the so-called Jamaican s for Justice has been given carte-blanche  in National Security and crime. Noticeably there are no comments coming from them when Police officers or ordinary Jamaicans are killed. Their surrogacy have emboldened Jamaica’s urban terrorists who now feel that they have a government that is truly committed to letting them do as they please.

The fact of the matter is that Jamaica as a country ,is still pretending that (Jamaica nice). Everyone has an opinion on everything, there are no hard rules which must be obeyed that may not be altered by someone in power.

The recent transportation of an entire class of boys to the Police Station in Montego Bay over the theft of a back pack was rather revealing. School officials did what they could to deal with the theft without involving the Police , without success.

On engaging the police, the offender revealed to officers that he was responsible, the other boys were turned over to their parents , of course, the village lawyers from top to bottom were out condemning school officials for doing exactly what they ought to have done, which resulted in the exact correct result.

Is it any wonder that these young misfits who sometimes lack parental supervision, turn out to be assassins, killing for a couple of pennies?

That is what criminal rights and immoral pathetic governance has brought on Jamaica.