Killings:/killing Of Women And Children Not An Abstract Phenom

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My dear­ly depart­ed grand­fa­ther and great aunt always said: “what cost noth­ing gives good mea­sure”.
It is a para­ble which sounds com­pli­cat­ed but has a very sim­ple mean­ing.
If you did not pay for some­thing, or if you do not place any val­ue on some­thing you most like­ly will be care­less and reck­less with its han­dling and care.

The malig­nant can­cer of vio­lence and mur­der in our coun­try and in par­tic­u­lar the mur­der of our women may very well have their Genesis in that para­ble.
My son uses my wife’s car to deliv­er piaz­za when he is home from col­lege, no prob­lem. As soon as he got his own car and his mom bor­rowed it, he went to great pains to lec­ture her about not get­ting a scratch on it.
When we pay for some­thing our­selves or place real val­ue on the things we have access to, or own, we tend to be far more judi­cious with their care.

Most actions we take lead to con­se­quences down the road. The cheap­en­ing of life through our every­day dis­course, the music we lis­ten to the movies we watch, vio­lent video games and in Jamaica’s case the wan­ton degra­da­tion some women sub­ject them­selves to are only a few of the char­ac­ter­is­tics which form the per­fect con­di­tions for the whirl­wind of mur­der the nation is expe­ri­enc­ing today.
At this point, I can hear in my head the fal­la­cious argu­ments quote: “peo­ple get killed every­where not just in Jamaica. 
I can just imag­ine the Google search­es to find mass killings in oth­er parts of the world, ready to copy and paste in the rebut­tal to the legit­i­mate angst we feel at the unnec­es­sary and wan­ton shed­ding of blood.
Defending killings is now a noble way to spend time for many.

For those con­cerned, not just about the run-away mur­ders and the resul­tant con­se­quences of the trau­ma on the nation’s chil­dren, I ask, no I beseech you, take a stand against this luna­cy.
For far too long this per­verse and macabre way of life have dom­i­nat­ed our pop­u­lar cul­ture while we go on liv­ing as if noth­ing is wrong, or that noth­ing can be done about it.

If the politi­cians seem unable or unwill­ing then the peo­ple must stand up for the coun­try we were blessed with and demand that this mad­ness stop.
But before we do that, we need to make some changes in our own lives.
We must eschew vio­lence and the glo­ri­fi­ca­tion of it.
We must stop speak­ing it to our chil­dren. We must stop lis­ten­ing to the mur­der music and We must anchor our beliefs to some­thing more last­ing, more endur­ing than mate­r­i­al things.

Women must stop cheat­ing on their spous­es and sig­nif­i­cant oth­ers, out of greed for mate­r­i­al pos­ses­sions or sex­u­al lust.
Men must stop believ­ing that the women in their lives are a dis­pos­able com­mod­i­ty which can be replaced with anoth­er.
Many of you claim to love your chil­dren yet you kill their moth­ers and leave the very same chil­dren, your chil­dren, trau­ma­tized for life. 
Others kill Both the women who bore their chil­dren and the chil­dren of their loins. You are sub-human, you are beneath the ani­mals, you are mon­sters.

There is no escap­ing the stark real­i­ties of the(“materialistic bun cul­ture,”) women who want more than the men in their lives can afford, who cheat to get mate­r­i­al things they can­not afford.
Women who insist that the men in their lives have to steal to-be with them.
This is some­thing I have writ­ten about for years. 
Oh for the times whilst I was an offi­cer look­ing real spiffy in my uni­form, and the women who open­ly flirt­ed with me. ” Bway yu neet an cleeen an han­sum eeh, but yupolice , my man haf­fi teef , police nu mek nu mon­ey”.
All this while decked out in Jewellery from ear to toes.
Where do-you think the jew­el­ry came from?

I am not lay­ing this sole­ly at the feet of women as I am almost cer­tain some will argue. Far from it, all I am say­ing is that much of what men do begins with what women demand, what women teach, and what women allow.
Why have sex with a man who has made no com­mit­ment to you? Why have a child with a man who has anoth­er woman or worse, sev­er­al oth­er women?
Why have chil­dren with a man who can­not stay out of jail? Why com­plain when you gave up your pow­er sev­er­al chil­dren ago when you had the pow­er to say “NO”? 
Many female birds will not mate with the male of their kind unless he first builds a suit­able nest and dec­o­rates it inside and out, upon which she inspects it and decides whether it is good enough.
If she does­n’t like what she sees, she Flies away and its all for naught.

On the oth­er hand, when women make demands that men can­not meet they tend to push the enve­lope to get what their women want. Children in the rela­tion­ships observe the pow­er dynam­ics play­ing out live what they learn.
The men who strive for mate­r­i­al trap­pings through what­ev­er means, large­ly tend to do so to attract women as one of their pri­ma­ry moti­va­tions.
This places us in the same cat­e­go­ry as the male pea­cock which shows off its awe­some plumage to attract the female.

We have a twist­ed val­ue sys­tem which glo­ri­fies and lust for mate­r­i­al extrav­a­gance rather than places the appro­pri­ate val­ue on life. The insa­tiable and rapa­cious desire to have the best of every­thing have cheap­ened life and turned humans into mon­sters.
A woman vis­it­ing the United States walked into my busi­ness-place with her elder­ly father, the father want­ed to pur­chase a cell phone for her to use while she is vis­it­ing. He also need­ed a phone she could use when she returned to Jamaica.
She was embar­rass­ing­ly ungrate­ful, berat­ing her father for not hav­ing wi-fi at home in front of oth­er cus­tomers and myself.
The gen­tle­man explained he did not need wi-fi as he was gone all day, on his return home at nights [he explains], he watch­es a lit­tle tele­vi­sion and that was that.

That did not appease her but she went on to demand that her elder­ly father pur­chase the newest i‑phone. He balked at spend­ing that much mon­ey which he seem­ing­ly did not have, or want­ed to spend.[he had a flip phone]
She insist­ed she want­ed unlim­it­ed data, so I asked her if she had unlim­it­ed data back home , she respond­ed in the neg­a­tive.
She can­not afford unlim­it­ed data in Jamaica but she berat­ed and embar­rassed her elder­ly father because she want­ed the most expen­sive phone with unlim­it­ed data, which nei­ther her nor her elder­ly dad could afford.

The Christian val­ues we were raised on have long become a top­ic of scorn and deri­sion, it is fairy tales, non­sense, we are now too intel­lec­tu­al­ly for­ward-lean­ing to believe in a God we can­not see.[sic]
How dare any­one place any restric­tions on our las­civ­i­ous and mate­ri­al­ist pur­suits?
How dare any­one expect that we respect elders, our teach­ers, the laws, how dare any­one tell us Jamaicans what we can and can­not do?
When we sow the wind we reap the whirl­wind, it is that sim­ple.

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  1. Some peo­ple will not take the time out to read this, but they should.. Great Read Sir, And I Do Hope More “Women” Will Take This Personally Be like that Lady Bird..

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