Koch Brothers War:

Republicans have been demanding that the Obama Administration cut spending, they have accused the president of spending America into bankrupcy. But lets take a closer look at what’s really going on here, Politicians we know are plain liars and cannot be trusted, then there are the pundits that talk to hear themselves talk, cable television runs the gloom and doom prognostication round the clock, that is if  one  watches   CNN, or  MSNBC, I never turn my  TV  to FOX misinformation.

Tea party members of Congress have one goal,  that is to gum up the works ,run out the clock on Obama’s presidency. The far right group came into existence just around the time Obama was elected, the faces of the group seem to be caring sweet suburban white women who just want to ensure a secure future for their children, who would have a problem with that ? Well not so fast, when the beautiful wrapper is peeled back their emerges a sinister more serious structural foundation in the form of billionaires,  the Koch brothers , David and Charles ,whose net worth is estimated at thirty-five billion dollars. Their holdings Koch Industries rake in a whopping annual one hundred billion dollars, their holdings are astronomical. From oil refineries in several states to  Brawny paper towels, Dixie cups, Georgia pacific lumber ,Stain master carpet and Lycra to name of few.

The New Yorker Magazine of August 30th 2010 titled Covert Operations detailed the Koch brothers secret war against the Obama Administration . Their company Koch Industries have been named by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Political Economy Research Institute as one of the top ten air polluters in the country, they have also been cited by Greenpeace as a quote “a kingpin of climate science denial” to any objective person this New Yorker Article by Jane Mayer is a must read.

The Koch brothers industrial and manufacturing interests puts it at odds with regulations coming out of the EPA  advanced more so by this Administration, which has taken decided action to protect the environment like  halting  drilling off the Gulf coast after the devastation of the (BP)  beyond petroleum oil spill. Tea party activists drawn into something beyond their own comprehension, argues they are fighting for fiscal restraint, what they don’t know is that what they are fighting for is more polluted air, and drinking water .

There is however a  different slant to this debate,many argue that tea party activists and other republicans were quite fine when president Bush was getting the country into two unfunded war. Many argue the Iraq war was unnecessary,  and was a war of choice. The criticism of this president  are usually silly and  hypocritical and to some racial as it relates to  Obama. Whether the Koch brothers are doing this on the basis of race or as a result of their libertarian politics,or both is immaterial, what’s at stake here is that if republican tea party house members have their way in this uncertain economy, and there are drastic cuts to Government spending there will be a massive contraction of the economy.

This assessment does not need punditry from Harvard or Princeton, The Government is the only entity that has the resources , earned or borrowed to spend to keep people employed, economists suggest there are over two trillion dollars sitting out there in the private sector that could be spent to employ Americans, the private sector however is not hiring so  it is up to government to keep stimulating the economy.

It is neither communism nor Socialism to stimulate the economy with large infusion of capital to keep people employed , America’s infrastructure is in need of repairs what better thing to do than to put Americans to work repairing America’s infrastructure which in turn keeps the economy afloat? Government does not have the luxury  of the private sector, in adopting  a wait and see approach as it relates to whether  it infuses  capital in the economy , it has  become increasingly clear that the demands of  the tea  party that the Obama Administration cut spending is designed more for the contraction of the economy , which will in fact have an even more devastating effect on the economy as it relates to job loss, which is sure to take down the president.

This strategy by the very rich , who fund reactionary groups like the tea party, while they hide behind the scenes and pulls the strings, is cynical, unpatriotic, and downright selfish. President Obama and his family may never ever be poor again , but the actions of this very rich few is causing immense harm to the masses of the middle class of this country. they do not care, they know Obama will have his money their disgust and disdain is for the middle class.

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