Latino immigrants march for rights and recognition.

The 2012 Presidential Elections was a serious reality check for conscientious Republicans….isn’t that an Oxymoron? Ok all kidding aside, they got beat in every category except white male.

African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Women, Lesbians and Gays, Unionized workers, …………intelligent people, ok I  did say all jokes aside, but sometimes I have to wonder if there are any sane people in the Republican Party?

I am stunned that a Party could consciously place itself on the wrong side history ,on issue after issue, after issue.

I am sometimes tempted to go on and on about Republicans, but why bother? There are far more important things happening on our planet which warrants our attention than a party still stuck in the age of Dinosaurs.

Last General Elections President Obama snagged 71% of the Latino vote compared to Mitt Romney’s 27%. In the preceding 4 years since Obama has been President, he had hired Latinos to Cabinet positions, signed an Executive Order giving dreamers(mostly Latinos)  a breather from deportation, and probably most importantly he appointed the very first Latino to the United Sates Supreme Court, Sonya Sotomeyer.



Former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis:Ass. Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomeyer:

I’m not about to critique anyone on the basis of race, but I do wonder at the recent polling numbers which saw Latinos giving Congress a huge thumbs up. The congressional approval rating stands at an impressive 56 percent among Hispanics, however, up by 21 percent since November 2011, when just 35 percent gave a thumbs-up to Congress.

I have one simple comment to make to my Hispanic friends. You do realize that there are Republicans in the Congress right? Even as the congress look at Immigration reform, Republicans are dug in on what they call Amnesty. They are opposed to any pathway to citizenship for the millions of people here living in the shadows,  Never mind that this would be a financial plus for the economy. Whatever Republicans do on the issue of immigration must be viewed as self serving,  as they are masters and controllers of their own  demise if they fail to get on board.

Even as the fate of the Republican Party is inextricably linked to them gaining traction with Latinos, the fastest growing minority group in the country, they continue to hold fast to their mantra of law and order. Everyone agrees this is a country of laws, and as such those who violated the country’s laws should be held accountable. but we must never lose sight of the fact that we are all citizens of this world, we all came here at one time or another, and if we didn’t , our four-parents did.

Arizona Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpio:

Republicans have one policy, it is the policy they have for everything, and everyone, except rich white males. “Punitive “, on every issue they adopt a punitive approach, an approach designed to punish and exact revenge.

It is against that background that I wonder if Latinos have considered that the very people who want them imprisoned or kicked out of the country are still in the congress as they give the congress this exuberant approval rating.

My Latino friends may want to wait just a little while longer before they bring out the mariachi bands, There is still no Immigration Bill signed by the President, and the same Racist old Republican White men are still in control of the House of Representatives.

The memory and language of people like Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpio of Maricopa County should be a stark reminder to Latinos that the battle is far from over. So I suggest they hold off on the thumbs up to congress.