In a conversation I had with a friend yesterday on the stubborn crime epidemic in Jamaica, I opined that the problem with our small country is the fact that there is such a high tolerance for criminal behavior and the country is deemed to be 84% corrupt.
We can ignore the numbers and pretend that we are a first world country. We may even subscribe to the inane theory proffered by the morons up at Mona that if we simply guarantee killers rights crime will disappear.

On the other hand, while people like myself and others simply want a crime-free country in which children can play in peace and their parents can be all they can be, there may already be too many corrupt people for that to be a reality.
That ship may have already sailed.

Delroy Chuck the Justice Minister has placed the issue of Lay Magistrate (JP) front and center since taking over that ministry.
The way Chuck sells the Lay Magistrates programme one would walk away believing it is a panacea for the nation’s crime problem.
Now, for the record, I am not personally opposed to the (JP) program, it can be a force multiplier in the search for a more law-abiding society.
Nevertheless, the corrosive tentacles of politics and the ever-present lure of a quick buck is more than enough to give pause to anyone when we hear the minister talk about this program.
And so now we hear that in the Montego Bay Bus park one can have any document validated by justices of the peace who are prostituting their services for a drink or a lunch or two hundred dollars cash.

See story here:

The recommendation signed by a Justice of the Peace for a Sunday Gleaner reporter who did not give his correct name and does not live in St James. (Courtesy of the Gleaner)

Now we all know the story with Justices of the peace in Jamaica but I really thought that after all these years since I left law-enforcement the country would be moving forward not backward.
In speaking to the ZOSO issue in Montego Bay over a year ago Delroy Chuck by his own [fiat] placed Justices of the peace over the police and gave them the power to decide whether criminal suspects could be held in custody by law enforcement without the say-so of a JP.
Now I want you to imagine a scenario in any other country in which ordinary political hacks would be the deciding authority on whether criminal suspects may be detained over the wisdom and authority of the police.

I spoke about the folly of this move at the time, now we hear of the wholesale selling and prostitution of (Governmental seal ) my these miscreant criminals parading as upstanding citizens.

That is the reason why righteous indignation at criminal conduct comes up against such opposition by Jamaicans.
We have a possible scenario of two situations. (a) either there is a silent majority of law-abiding citizens out there or (b) the pool is filthy and we have already lost this beautiful Island.
When we can no longer differentiate between wrong and right when we celebrate convicted felons and malign those who risk life and limb to defend others they do not know we may already be too far gone.

Look, we can talk all the shit we want to now and continue with the pretense, (you know what I mean with your faux patriotism)?
But when the rubber meets the road, everyone in Jamaica values the ability to travel outside the small 4’411 square mile Island.
So set aside your bullshit patriotism and recognize these facts.
When the International community has no faith in the documents signed by the Government about who you are, or your criminal history they close their doors.
When they close their doors our country essentially becomes a failed state and your pretentious asses stay put where you are.
That’s what’s at stake here.