Lesson In Roger Clarke’s Passing

Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke

Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke

There is no victory in death, it would be reprobate of me to use the death of someone to Score political points. However, I believe it is perfectly proper to use someone’s death to Underscore a critical failure.

For reasons above my pay-grade, Jamaicans have elected to give the People’s National Party the Lion’s share of handling their affairs since 1962 when the Nation gained  independence.

Over the last 40 years the Jamaica Labor Party has held office only 12  years of those four decades. The PNP has mostly formed the Government, With one continuous stretch of 181/2 years.

Starting with Michael Manley’s pseudo Democratic Socialism in 1972 Jamaica, has been battered and bruised by every metric, with only a dozen years of respite in between the tumultuous bouts of People’s National Party incompetence and graft.

 PNP leadership has brought the once pearl of the Caribbean total and comprehensive ruination . Starting  1972’s to present. Massive brain-drain. Capital flight. Runaway inflation A decimated business sector. Poverty untold.  Worthless currency. Astronomically high crime rate. Broken down and  or nonexistent infrastructure. Moral decay.  Sell-off, of our National treasures. Decadence.  Immorality and a total  overall decay. Some Jamaicans still trumpet our Nation’s superiority in the Caribbean, I do not share in that fantasy.

Roger Clarke

Roger Clarke

Roger Clarke spent most of his adult life in politics as part of the PNP. Clarke recently passed away of an apparent heart attack, suffered at a Florida Airport. Clarke, 74, had been at the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida since mid-July where he had undergone surgery for a back problem and was returning to Jamaica when he died at the airport.

Roger Clarke was a Minister of Government . A member of the Governing People’s National Party, which has dominated the Political landscape over the last 4 decades. Yet when Clarke needed back surgery for what is characterized as a pinched nerve, he headed to Florida.

If this does not awaken the sensitivities of Jamaicans, what will ? If an esteemed member of the Political Oligarchy cannot source elective surgery in his own country, what does it say about the leadership of his party? We pray for the family of Roger Clarke at this time of bereavement. We are all Jamaicans, we should find no solace in the demise of others. Death is in the cards for all of us. In the end we are neither PNP nor JLP we are people.

Simpson Miller and others grieve Clarke's passing

Simpson Miller and others grieve Clarke’s passing

Let’s hope Jamaicans will  see this as a reason to demand a greater degree of accountability from those whom they entrust to administer to their affairs. We cannot continue to lower the bar to accommodate and rationalize away  the systematic and continued failures and incompetence  of our leaders.  It is all up to us to decide the leadership we get.