What lessons are there to be learned from the recall elections in Wisconsin if any?

Tea Party installed Governor Scott Walker took a hatchet to the rights of ordinary workers to organize and have collective bargaining. One could reasonably argue that at a time when there are economic conditions which militates against large pay increases and benefit packages, this is not necessarily a bad thing.  After all, states, like individuals, must learn to live within their means . Those are perfectly legitimate arguments to make. Personally I never quite understood why government, from county up to the federal level, continue to run large deficits. Each and every house-hold have to manage their fiscal responsibilities. It is unfair and burdensome for Government to maintain bloated wasteful bureaucracies, then force already over-burdened taxpayers to take on even more taxes.

It is not unreasonable in my view, that ordinary working people expect their government to adopt strict discipline in the way it handles its fiscal house, after all every American family is expected to live within its means.


 Scott Walker

In order to understand what the fuss was , and continue to be, regarding Scott Walker’s approach, one need to peel back the entire facade which envelopes the Scott Walker persona.

Walker came to office backed by the Tea Party, as we have pointed out before the Tea Party continue to parade as a grass-roots organization. That is the farthest thing from the truth.

The new tea Party came into existence at about the same time Barack Obama was elected president of the United States at the end of 2008. they argue that they are concerned about The expansion of the federal bureaucracy, and run away spending.

Again were those philosophical  pure objectives I would be a Tea Party activist. The truth is there are a few things that bear some scrutiny.

(1) When did these things come to the fore?

As I intimated the Tea Party came into being at around the time president Obama was elected to the presidency, so those problems are not new ones which just happened on the scene November 2008

(2) When did the issues dear to the Tea Party become an issue?

Big Government is nothing new, The last Republican Administration expanded the federal bureaucracy, to include , Home-land security.

(3) When did the federal debt become an issue?

The federal government has always been a big spender, the last president had a surplus and a balanced budget on assuming office. He  left a ruined economy, two unfunded wars, large tax-cuts for the richest Americans and sky-rocketing deficits.

(4) So why are these issues now that Obama is president?

Well the outrage of the Tea Party started before Barack Obama even could enact one policy, which may not cause consternation to the average no-republican , but it does cause me some heart-burn.

President Bush 43rd actually did the first stimulus, listening to Obama’s critics one would be hard-pressed to hear any mention that president Obama inherited big government and ballooning deficits.

(5) So then what’s the real issue?

I’m glad you asked.

The Obama Administration regulate banks, the Obama administration looks out for the environment, the Obama administration care about the average American.

So why would the Tea Party have a problem with those issues?

Well again I’m glad you asked this question, we have now come full circle. There are people behind the Tea Party’s right-wing populism who need the legitimacy of what many would have you believe is a grass-roots movement.

Enter Billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, both men are American Industrialists who own and operate companies ranging from Oil to lumber to paper products. Heavy taxation by government cuts into their bottom-line, regulations limits their ability to destroy the environment, and Unions are antithetical to what the Koch brothers want.

Those are the reasons so much money was poured into Wisconsin to keep Scott Walker in power. Those are the reasons the Koch brothers give so much money to Carl Rove’s super-pac American crossroads. That goes to the heart of Scott Walker’s response to a wealthy female donor when he categorically stated that his desire is to divide and conquer, that’s why Walker was busted when he thought he was talking to one of the Koch brothers on the phone.

So the desire of the people of Wisconsin to see fiscal responsibility in government caused them to validate Walker. The only problem is that the republican/tea-party’s plan is nothing more than a Trojan Horse.