Lets Just Cool It For A Minute

Tracy Morgan and Kevin Roper

Tracy Morgan and Kevin Roper

Truck Driver Kevin Roper 35 employed to Mega Company Walmart appeared in a Middlesex County Court House Wednesday June 11th. Mister Roper plead not guilty to vehicular homicide and assault by Auto.

Roper, the Walmart truck driver involved in the New Jersey Turnpike car accident Saturday morning that claimed the life of one person and critically injured four others, including comedian Tracy Morgan, has pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide and assault by auto. He remains free on $50,000 bail. No new court appearance was scheduled.  Middlesex County prosecutors accuse Roper, 35, of not sleeping for 24 hours prior to the crash. He turned himself in to police immediately after the accident and has been placed on administrative leave by Walmart.The company has vowed “to take full responsibility” for the accident if it’s proved that Roper caused it.  http://gma.yahoo.com/tracy-morgan-crash-walmart-trucker-kevin-roper-pleads-195936516–abc-news-celebrities.html

Laws governing Truckers are strict these days, in fact driving without adequate sleep is tantamount to driving while intoxicated . It is tragic when  members of the travelling public are injured or killed.. We pray for the family of the deceased as well as those injured, including Tracy Morgan 45, who continue to battle for life in a New Jersey Hospital.

Mister Roper is alleged to have bragged in a tweet quote: Trying to win more than lose, driving trucks for a living, move or get hit! #Walmart.

This has set off a firestorm of hatred of mister Roper in the Main stream Media .

Roper appearing in a New Jersey court room.

Roper appearing in a New Jersey court room.


Are we going to condemn a man for a tweet he made which had nothing to do with the crash? Does anyone believe this driver willfully crashed his rig into the vehicle transporting Tracy Morgan and others?

Does that tweet mean mister Roper is a maniac who was a ticking time bomb waiting to take someone’s life? So far there is no evidence of that. What we have is a hard working man trying to earn a living. Sure he needs to face the Courts , that’s where innocence and guilt are  decide.

In fact Fox news reports .Walmart released this statement.

“With regards to news reports that suggest Mr. Roper was working for 24 hours, it is our belief that Mr. Roper was operating within the federal hours of service regulations. The details are the subject of the ongoing investigation and we are cooperating fully with the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The investigation is ongoing and unfortunately we can’t comment further on the specifics.

“Federal law requires drivers to work no more than 14 hours for any shift and 11 hours of driving.”   

We simply have not reached that stage where an informed conclusion can be arrived at. This is not the case of a drug dealer firing a weapon, hitting an innocent bystander. What we have it seem, is a hard working man who is involved in an automobile crash. It behooves everyone including those in the Media to take a step back and let the system play out before they condemn this man to be stoned to death.

 As users of the road we should be careful how we react in condemning others. We never know when we may be involved in a crash or accident, finding ourselves accused of vehicular homicide.

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  1. Most of those mega companies trucks have electronic logs so most likely he was still within is legal driving hours.

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