1454678_10200939988521602_1751407521_n “There is gonna be, I suppose, a grey area in some instances that a person is acting purely as a civilian who happens to be a member of the force or is acting as a member of the force who is not on duty. I don’t think we could easily attempt to address that through a definition,” Golding said. Said Bunting, “We may need to leave it to the discretion of INDECOM. If it is clear that a man is on vacation and gets into a fight with somebody else…I would not expect that INDECOM would get into that situation but if the man is not rostered for work and while on the streets sees a suspicious act and then intervenes and may have to use his service pistol in that case he is clearly acting as a constable”.”Yes, I would be happy to leave it to INDECOM’s discretion. We have agreed on that,” Golding replied.http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/INDECOM-to-also-investigate-incidents-involving-off-duty-police_15917346 Mark-Golding (1) Mark Golding and Peter Bunting Of course those are not my words! Those are the words of these two Jack-asses, no disrespect to Jack-ass. Jamaica is over-run with crime, one of the ways police have been able to apprehend criminals is by being inconspicuous. Not necessarily under cover , just not in that bright red and black monkey-suit they are forced to wear. Many officers have nabbed criminals travelling in buses or just being in the right place at the right time. Numerous amounts of guns have been removed from the streets. Just last week the Jamaica Observer highlighted one such instance where an officer disarmed a man toting a gun at a wake in St. Thomas http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Alert-policeman-disarms-gunman-with-bare-hands. Every single law enforcement officer who ever served in the JCF have a story to tell of actions they took while off duty. So lets see what is at issue here. Before we do that however  lets establish what the Jamaica Constabulary Force Act says as it relates to cops being off duty. A constable is never off duty. In fact the Act is clear, if a crime is committed in the presence of a cop whether on or off duty and he/she does not act he or she will be disciplined. Now INDECOM wants the INDECOM Act clarified, so they may go after cops who act in good faith while supposedly off duty. If you take into account the fact that under PJ Patterson not a single Detective was trained for 10 years and juxtapose that with the crime rate in Jamaica present day, it is clear that this Government of Portia Simpson Miller and her acolytes have determined they want to completely eradicate law enforcement in Jamaica. The hairy-faced primate Mark Golding, who occupies the Justice Ministry, is a known Anti -Police antagonist, but Peter Bunting must know better. download (9)   Terrence Williams (indecom)commissioner. It is incomprehensible that two men who are supposed to act with wisdom could say what they are on record saying.>>>  Instead of hashing out the minutia of the law ,with an understanding of the risks officers face , the levels of bravery which goes into the actions officer take, they chose to simply leave the grey area up to the whims and wishes of Terrence Williams. Where is the Police Federation on this ? Where is the Gazetted Rank ? Are they going to sit idly by as total lap-dogs while the men and women under their command take the risks and gets sent to prison for acting in good faith?

Raymond Wilson
Raymond Wilson

It was just last year that Jamaica’s inept National Security Minister said quote :” That Agency has too much power“. Bunting was relating to the broad powers given the neophyte Agency (INDECOM) and it’s Napoleonic Commissioner Terrence Williams. Days later Bunting walked back his comments and signed onto everything (INDECOM) wanted. I asked then, who was behind the campaign to destroy the police force ? I asked why was Bunting forced to toe the line and by whom? Why is Bunting now walking hand in hand with Mark Golding the anti -police Justice Minister in this corrupt Simpson Miller Administration? The Jamaican people know that Bunting is out of his league as a minister of national security. Yet I do not believe Bunting is seen as corrupt. On that basis we have to ask Minister Bunting to look at his role in this fiasco, this dismantling of our country cannot go unpunished. This latest action by the government through its agents,  sends a clear unequivocal message to criminals, cops will not come after you, if they do, we have people in place to make sure they go to prison. Surely there is an agenda by the PNP to turn Jamaica into a one party socialist state. In fact they have opined that jamaica a pnp country for years. Latest reports indicate they have brought recruiting into the schools. Democratic socialism was soundly rejected as a practical policy direction for Jamaica in 1980. That did not change the ambitions of the Governing PNP they are using back-door means to turn Jamaica into a one party state.They hope to do so  while maintaining appearances of a democratic country. Jamaicans need to open their eyes to the goings-on . 1)Calls for a reintroduction of Home -Guards.Under Michael Manley home guards were trained and put in place, the police force forced to denigrate into ineffectiveness. 2) Jamaica’s present cozy relationship with Cuba. Under Manley Jamaican men were sent to Cuba to train. These uneducated Jamaicans were trained as killers called (brigidistas)on their return to Jamaica they morphed into a terrorist group which changed the way Jamaicans looked at crime on the Island. 3) The building of zones of political exclusion(garrisons) . This is the perfect way to steal elections. The PNP has used taxpayers funds to build homes to house PNP voters  at the expense of the middle-class. Jamaica’s middle-class is now only 18% of the country, with 78% classified as poor . The Prime Minister’s and her party the (PNP) records 105% of the votes in her constituency out of a maximum 100%[sic]. 4)The return to wide-spread un-checked criminality and the demonizing of the security forces, eerily reminiscent of the Manley years. The return of (JEEP) as a pork-barrel tax-payers funded give away to party hacks, it’s the second coming of crash program,http://chatt-a-box.com/mywpblog/?p=1860. What made the people think that the  policies of the 70’s which decimated the country , setting it back decades, would be better this time around? Manley and his acolytes did the very same thing this dunce is accused of doing, decimate the police, allow crime to rise, give people carte-blanche to do what they want. That strategy has wide appeal to Jamaicans who are  largely an ungovernable people. Even after Manley’s destructive attempt at social engineering the stabilizing hand of Edward Seaga ensured the Jamaican dollar was just 4 Jamaican dollars to 1 American dollars by the time he left office. Today the Jamaican dollar trades  upward of J$107 to US$1. Where there is no vision the people perish.


  1. My brother the majority of Jamaicans want to perish. All most want is to eat a food at the expense of those who works. so their political party will ensure that they eat a food and the police should not intervene in a man eating a food regardless if he broke the law to eat it. This party got landslide victory after messing up for 18 years. police is never off duty, ask the last Sergeant from St. Thomas who was stationed in Lionel Town. He was on his way home just completed a tour of duty and could not get a drive home so he decided to sleep in the barrack. a call came in where it needed action and he protecting his insurance policy decided it was the corporal who was on duty should go, he was charged and dismissed from the force for failing to answer the call along with the corporal and the Judges remarks is that a cop is never off duty. Police men and women need to allow the country to go in the direction the government wants while trying to protect their lives and that of their family. Do not be eager to go after gunmen or other criminals cause Terrence will get you. Avoid arguing with others in your community and stay well inside when you are not at work. Don’t blame it on the politicians they say blame it on the teachers. What a country

    1. Barrinton we have long known that a police officer is never off duty !! You know I wrote awhile that police should stand down. Do not engage, do not engage, let the country get a feel of what life can be like without law enforcement they will realize soon enough.

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