There is a lot which needs examining, as a result of the George Zimmerman acquittal. Zimmerman was a 28 years old at the time of the shooting. Trayvon Martin was 17 years old. Zimmerman had a gun. Trayvon Martin was unarmed.  Zimmerman saw Travyon Martin as a suspect.  He called the police, followed him in his truck as he talked to police. Trayvon was on the phone with his friend Rachael Jeantel, she was the last person Trayvon Martin spoke to before George Zimmerman put a bullet dead center into his heart. Trayvon told his friend Rachael Jeantel that  a creepy cracker was following him.

images (19) She advised him to run, he obviously took her advise, a decision which may have cost him his life. Zimmerman exited his truck, the police dispatcher heard sounds which indicated that Zimmerman was chasing after the teen, she asked Zimmerman whether he was following Trayvon? Zimmerman answered in the affirmative. The dispatcher told him ‘we don’t need you to do that” Zimmerman said “ok”, yet he did anyway.

I believe Zimmerman exited the truck he was driving and chased Trayvon Martin.  Trayvon was scared, he told Rachael Jaentel he was scared  of the creepy cracker following him.  She advised  him to run, he ran out of fear of his life. Zimmerman, emboldened by Florida’s stand your ground laws. His position as watch captain within that community, his desire to make sure that the perceived criminal does not get away. Remember his comments heard on the tape “these ass-holes always get away”.

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Zimmerman was going to make sure that this one didn’t get away, he exited his truck , chased 17-year-old Trayvon Martin down ,Trayvon Martin was a lanky 5 feet 11 inch kid , he must have been faster than  Zimmerman , but he didn’t know the housing development the way Zimmerman did. I believe he chased the young man down cornered him, I believe there was a fight, I believe Trayvon screamed for help, Zimmerman shot him point blank range and the screaming stopped.

I fundamentally believe Zimmerman’s superficial wounds were staged to cover up his crime. I believe he had help covering up the crime from people in positions of power because of his father’s connections. I believe the investigation was mishandled from the start, they had no idea the case would garner such national attention.

Hearing Juror B-37 account of how she perceived the case was a chilling reminder to me , just how deep racism runs in America. The victim Trayvon Martin did not get any benefit of the doubt.   It is incomprehensible that anyone of sound mind could empathize with a grown man who ignored the commands of authorities chased down an unarmed kid and shot him in the heart.

The kid was doing nothing wrong.

Many people continue to peddle the crap that women are incredible nurturers ,who are far more emphatic than men. My friend told me today , “maybe she is  emphatic if it’s her kid”.

Maybe my friend, just maybe !!!







One thought on “Let’s Not Forget !!!

  1. From the information presented in court, the best way for any intelligent, fair, just or unbiased person to judge this case was the instructions that the 911 dispatcher had given to “George Zimmerman.” The shooting was planned, premeditate, and well-orchestrated by “George Zimmerman” and others in authority. The case was “botched” from the onset, because he was another Blackman up to no good as usual! The stereotype in this country regarding to black men are criminal is being funneling and not helping the Blackman’s cause by some of our own black people. As a Blackman, I am more afraid of the black and Hispanic men “robbing and killing” me than any other race. Reasons are that some of them are inherently violent, lazy and don’t want to work, for various reasons. I avoid driving through black communities, because I don’t want any stray bullet to hit me or my family. Their mindset is messed up and because of that the hatred towards us, not justifiable though but is a contributing factor to our community. George Zimmerman was not on trial it was “Trayvon Martin” and the “black community.” The system is “institutionally” stacked against the black man in every way! Damn if do, damn if you don’t! The injuries that “George” had are not supported by his claim in any way possible. If his head was being hit on the concrete slab, the “bump” on his head back, would be a wide and open wound, bleeding profusely and would need stitches. The main detective who testified for the prosecution should be fired forthwith! The main prosecutor “Corey Anderson” should have been the main prosecutor in the case, she chooses not to prosecute the case in court. The prosecutor allows “George Zimmerman” theory (fantasy) to display throughout the entire trial, thus give him as many coverage he needed not to testify. The case was a big failure from day one in every way! With this incident, the only thing I would suggest to fathers (parents) with young son(s) ; teach them how to conduct themselves in public, teach them to use firearms responsible, as soon as they of the age and are able to get a conceal permit, get one to protect them from the next “George Zimmerman.” With that said, this is preparing them from being the next victim.

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