It never ceases to amaze me,  the brazen disdain members of the people’s national party and their sleeper affiliates have for the intelligence of the Jamaican people. The people’s national party hereto referred to as the PNP are masters at strategizing and as a consequence winning elections. Their only problem is that they are terrible at governing. Their ground game is immaculate, leaving the Jamaica Labour Party JLP bewildered in the dust. Based on their organizational skills the PNP have made the argument that Jamaica is PNP country, with some merit. They have planted sleepers at every level of national life.  Mark you there is nothing wrong with people having their political views. we all do, the problem with these sleepers is that they pretend they are independent apolitical members of society with no axe to grind. Untill of course they are exposed  grinding  their PNP axes.



Garnet Roper                                                                                                                                Omar Davis


As a boy I grew up listening to Ronald Thwaites pontificate, prognosticate, and promulgate on the airways. Always trying to appear neutral, I always told friends Thwaites was a plant. No need to speak any further on Thwaites. Omar Davis spewed financial gibberish on radio daily as well, he pretended he was a financial guru who was from the intelligentsia. We all know that Omar Davis was a political plant which had devastating consequences for Jamaica.

Recently G2K the youth arm of the labour party came out after complaints by others in civil society on the issue and spoke stridently about the mass of people who were actual plants of the PNP who openly opined and presented themselves as neuteral members of the media and other areas of society only to be revealed as plants of the PNP after the elections. Most if not all of them are now holders of lucrative public sector jobs.

One such plant is Yvonne  Mccalla Sobers This lady who looks like anyone’s sweet grandmother,  has argued vehemently for justice, mostly against the police , and with limited or/fabricated evidence, while at the same time she presents herself as a friend of the police. By the way Yvonne MCCalla Sobers was just appointed to head the board of E-learning Jamaica company limited. ” Wow”. Garnet Roper President of the Jamaica theological seminary now on a government board, appointed by the PNP. The period leading up to the last national elections was probably the most revealing though, all the rodents started crawling out of the wood-work . Many have since been rewarded with plum Government jobs,or appointed to boards and given other lucrative assignments. This government and it’s operatives are despicable, and downright shameless. They are once again utilizing the public sector purse as its private piggy-bank to reward loyal foot soldiers for putting in the work.

MCCalla Sobers attacked the police in the PNP’s mouthpiece, the Jamaica Daily Gleaner today, in an Article titled “Extrajudicial killings show no commitment to peace. Read more here“(jamaicagleaner.com)

I love Yvonne MCCalla sobers and as such I wanted to give her Article respect. I wanted to make sure I understood what she intended to convey, so I read it twice, and unfortunately the second reading left me just as baffled:

Quote: If the society wants peace and prosperity, we need to ‘wheel and come again’. The security target would be winning public confidence rather than using brute force to create situations where communities trust criminals more than police. The public might then be willing to partner with the police in solving crime, so the police could rely more on brain than baton or bullet.

Ha ha ha, what utter nonsense, Jamaicans had that.

As a boy growing up in the 70’s in NE. Saint Catherine our police did not carry guns, cops patrolled and everyone was on their best behavior. Truth matters Yvonne, I refuse to allow you or anyone else to use revisionist history to paint our police officers. Many of Jamaica’s police officers have given detractors more than enough to talk about. But I will keep your feet to the fire of truth in the interest of veracity, and historical perspective.

The Jamaican people had officers who some even argued were too nice, what did our people do? They made it an art, a part of the culture to fight and assault officers. To this day this culture of assaulting officers is great conversation piece within some quarters. Many Jamaicans delight in telling tales of unarmed police officers beaten by local (badmen) simply for doing their jobs. They never tire of relating those tales to the delight of their captive audiences. Many police officers were murdered , many criminals were shuttled out of Jamaica through Cuba to Canada after killing police officers, some have returned to Jamaica and to date are still  immune from facing charges for killing cops. Many cops who passed through the former Beat-and-foot patrol at the bottom of West Street in Kingston will attest to the fact that when young cops come out of the Academy fresh and idealistic they are not tough. They are not mean people who are committing alleged acts of extra-judicial killings. They are your neighbours, your sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles and your friends, and yes they are your class mates too.

It is the vile disrespectful ignorance of people who refuse to conform to the rule of law which transforms them into what many of you think are killing machines. The truth is our country is an incredibly violent place where the kind of policing you advocate is impossible.

Winning public confidence, are you nuts ? 85 % of the Jamaican people are deemed to be corrupt, who are you fooling. How could anyone with a modicum of understanding argue that police officers would try to make peace with criminals. The police do not have a mandate to make peace, they have a mandate to enforce the laws. No country may make peace with criminals for the sake of peace. That is called appeasement, after doing that, no government.  No police department may do what you propose and claim legitimacy!!!!.

Those who give up their rights in pursuit of peace and security end up with neither. No people should be lulled into believing that making peace, calling off the police will grant them lasting peace or security. Where has it ever worked, did it work in Tivoli Gardens, did it work in any garrison in our country? The answer is no !! Despite the many view-points locally or abroad, one strategy works in Jamaica.   People cannot be asked to obey laws, they must be made to obey laws.

We tried it your way.




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