Wayne Henriques affectionately called max

Above is the picture of  late Police Sargeant Wayne Henriques  affectionately refered to as Max, by those who knew and loved him. Here my fellow humans, is the face of a the brave men and women of Jamaica’s security forces who toil tirelessly for marginal compensation,and operate under deplorable working conditions.

I ask all of you whom are not supporters of criminality to remember this face.

Wayne Henriques was a married father , a carrear cop , on leave celebrating his wedding anniversary .

Wayne was called away from his lovely wife and wonderful kids, called back into the service of others, his family never saw him again .

Sargeant Wayne Henriques and his colleagues were brutally attacked  on MountainView avenue , when the shooting ended Wayne and one of his colleagues lay dead , while six other officers were shot and seriously wounded  by AK47 toting  militia-men. Wayne Henriques had  gone  to the aid  of a fellow Jamaican, a woman stranded at barricades erected by marauding urban terrorists.

Jamaica under what obtains for normalcy sees 1600 homicides annually. Young boys  and girls are systematically  and routinely  raped  in garrison communities , deprived of their God-given rights to be kids and enjoy the pure innocence of being children. Parents are forced to falsely report their daughters missing to police, after sending them to other parts of the country to live with relatives and friends, in order to protect them from the ordeal of having to acquiesce to the lustful drug induced sexual  perversion of local thugs who designate themselves “dons”.

Residents cower in fear in their own homes behind layers and layers of metal bars, effectively making themselves prisoners in their own homes. Even layers of metal bars are insufficient in protecting  the cowering populace if they run afoul of  local thugs . Any such infraction real or perceived, results in residents homes firebombed and anyone fleeing the flames machine-gunned.
No one is immune from the fusilade of bullets, not even just born babies.
The country, even outside the scare of the Tivoli Invasion has no real growth or developement of consequence to point to,  crime and violence has literally crippled  agricultural and manufacturing sectors, most companies have simply moved away. Those with American Visas have  left, others are forced to scrounge and beg, living off the largess of relatives and friends living abroad. Remittance is now Jamaica’s number two foreign exchange earner. Tourism the cash cow has seen more and more hoteliers offering all-inclusive deals with a view to keeping their guests safe.
Farmers have no incentive to raise animals which  are routinely stolen. Many whom are crop farmers have decided against their chosen profession as their crops are systematically stolen.
Most Jamaicans living at home, or those who visit, will attest to the dire hardship of surviving in Jamaica. Number one at the top of their  stress list , is the issue of pervasive criminality, and Government’s seeming indifference  to the direct and cumulative negative effect it has on the nation’s psyche.
As a former law enforcement officer I am aware, without fear of contradiction, of the danger, stress, and peril , in being a police officer in our country. The world’s largest Police force the (NYPD)  found out in the late 80″s to early 90’s how lethal Jamaican criminals were. They came to their senses  when shockingly, one of  their officers was brutally murdered sitting in  his patrol car in Queens NY.
All across the United Sates,  from California to New York , and as far as Alaska,  State and federal  officials were forced to adopt appropriate, and decided  measures to effectively counter, contain, and degrade the capabilities of Jamaica’s terroristic drug dealing thugs.
 Every year several police Officers are murdered in Jamaica some on the frontlines, some murdered in the sanctuary of their very homes.
The report from Jamaicans for Justice, that succeeded the May 2010 annexation of Tivoli Gardens by the security forces , made no mention of the  circumstances that led to the death of  residents of that enclave.
 No mention was made to her handlers, of the police stations that were bombed and the police officers, and members of the military  who were killed and injured.
There was no mention  of the restraint alluded to by the Observer report  above.
Bureaucrats on the Commission, wherever they are domiciled, are patently aware that in no country in the  world  would  that kind of assault be tolerated or allowed to foment, much less unleashed on any state.
 Expressed enemies of the state Randy  Weaver was swiftly deal with on Ruby Ridge by the FBI.
 David Coresh and the Branch Davidians were expeditiously exterminated by the ATF.
 The Black panther party was effectively decimated with bombs in Philadelphia.
Terrorists in Britain , Moscow, Tel Aviv,  Paris,Mumbai , and wherever they raise their ugly heads are effectively dealt with.
 What makes Jamaica any different?
 What is the purpose of  enquiries  by some that have no clout or leverage in questioning their own state or local officials, much less Federal authorities.
 Who and what gives them the right to demand reports , and sit in Judgement of our security forces when they appropriately put down acts of blatant terror , and anarchy.
Carolyn Gomes took the name of one of Jamaica’s most dedicated police officers  to that commission , where she made unsubstantiated allegations against him.
 The Government’s representative Audrey Marks disgustedly made no attempt at standing up for Superintendent Delroy Hewitt a fine police officer .
 Hewitt’s name was unceremoniously dragged through the mud by Gomes and the other mercenary,who falsely alleged  that he is guilty of several cases of extra judicial killings, if ever there was an officer that was 180 degree  opposed to that kind of behavior it would be Delroy Hewitt.
Gomes was unhappy with the fact that Ellington, Jamaica’s police commissioner was having none of the nonsense,and stated quote”that is one of my best officers” .,
Those who do not know Delroy Hewitt may form their opinions.  Here’s what I have to say to Gomes.”Those honors you received on the backs of dead police and military officers , may they burn you in hell”.
Jamaica is a developing country that could have been a gem hadn’t it been for unscrupulous politicians,. The problems the country faces are many and varied.
Ideally people arrested by the state should be guaranteed a bed on which to sleep, adequate ablution area and some degree of exercise. Children finding themselves in police lock-ups are not the fault of the police, but of their parents first, and the Government second.
Police officers cannot take juvenile offenders to their homes , they have to be housed at police stations, absent facilities furnished by Government.
If police officers refused to arrest offenders juvenile or otherwise, Gomes’ arguments would be that police are ineffective, and useless.
As a Jamaican I refuse to allow Carolyn Gomes to use revisionist history to rewrite what precipitated the actions of the security forces in Tivoli  gardens in May of 2010. We do not know what happened in the fog of war in Tivoli gardens. We weren’t there, and neither was Carolyn Gomes or the people who support her.  We are unaware of any instances of extrajudicial killings by any member of the security forces, we weren’t there , and neither was Gomes or her affiliates.
Irresponsibly shouting about extrajudicial killings without evidence of same, or a technical understanding of what it constitutes , or because someone say so does not make it credible. Gomes simply do not know what constitutes extrajudicial killings, evidence of which may be found in her interview with TVJ, in that disjointed ramble she showed she was out of her league as it relates to what constitutes murder , manslaughter, or even an unlawful killing, she even meandered into death by motor vehicle.
We suggest Gomes confine herself to her pediatric practice and leave law enforcement to those whose job it is to  enforce the laws.
Jamaicans living in garrisons have systematically and routinely  demonstrated against police  irrespective of what actions they take. In some instance they are intimidated into doing  so, sometimes the do so willingly, and on other occasions  they are paid to do so. It is common for them to wail and throw themselves on the ground detailing what they claim to be acts of extrajudicial  killings that happened in their view at 3:am inside the victims’ house, even though they do not live in the same house.
Members of Jamaican media are generally more than willing to grant professional mourners a soap-box knowing full well they are lying. “Welcome to Jamaica , no problem man” many hear this refrain ,but are unaware of the dirty underbelly of Jamaican life , an underbelly that seem to get more sordid with each passing year.
A members of the security forces may use deadly force in defence of his life or that of another.
If someone shoots at an officer then drops the weapon and puts his hands up police are not justified in killing him.
If a person points a weapon at an officer , even though he hasn’t fired the weapon that officer is justified in taking that person out. If after the officer neutralizes the threat to himself or any other person , and it is discovered that the weapon was a fake, or was empty, the officer is still justified in the actions he took, as he could not have know that the weapon was fake or empty.
If an officer who, observes a person with a gun  in the commission of a crime, orders that person to drop the weapon, as long as the gun is pointed at someone, that officer is justified under the law in taking that person out , if he refuses to obey said officers commands.
Police officers are justified in shooting  someone armed with other weapons , like knives , machetes, etc, if that person disobeys commands to drop the weapon and advances on the officer in a threatening manner.
Each and every case of police shooting must be looked at as a single case in and of itself,and cannot reasonably be viewed within a broader context of other killings,even by the same officer.
A Surgeon  who looses a patient in the operating theatre is not a murderer, unless there is evidence of malfeasance, or neglect. A police officer who kills a criminal justly ,  is not a murderer that is the nature of his job. No argument about the amount of people killed by an officer or a unit, is credible as a barometer in determining criminal culpability by itself, . What those numbers point to, is the effectiveness and hard work of that unit or individual.
All cases are different, Gomes’ arguments about what she perceives as the quote ‘untenable” amount of police killings based on the  number of criminals shot , is an argument she will find untenable and impossible to substantiate.
 They go not to any unsubstantiated allegation of abuse as she wants the world to believe ,but more so to the rampant , unchecked criminality that is the norm in Jamaica.
In order for that argument to have credibility, or legitimacy, a Trier of facts , versed in the laws as they relate to the use of lethal force , would have to determine that each and every case of shooting by members of the security forces was an illegal unjustified act.
If  any such Trier of fact is unable to do so, then those arguments based on numbers , is one of ignorance, steeped  in  malice, and does not deserve a response. That is the predicament in which  Gomes and those who support her find themselves.
Gomes and others like Earl Witter (public defender) maintains legitimacy by using police , they are not the only ones , to have done so.

Every little lout in talk radio has done so , Politicians have done so , Gomes and her lot are just the latest bunch to have gotten on the band waggon, and it damn sure is working. She has garnered several awards so far. 

Where are the awards for Wayne  Henriques and others?

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