There is a group of people in this country who are opposed to President Obama, not because of policy but because of race. They fundamentally believe in the paleness of their skin and what it ought to mean, in terms of entitlements and governance of this country. That is at the heart of the fight being waged, not just in Washington but in States all across America. It has nothing to do with Obama-care, it has everything to do with Obama. After Obama won re-election a group of Confederate/ Republicans got together to figure out a way to de-fund the Affordable Care Act, the signature domestic accomplishment of Obama . The idea is a stupid and suicidal irrational one ,but no one ever accused Confederate/Republicans of being smart. Devious, calculative, dishonorable, ignoranly racist, just not smart.

Even if Confederate/Republicans could somehow manage to get a repeal/de-fund bill through the Senate, they are forgetting that Obama is still the president . He would simply veto the damn thing. So what is the end game for these loonies? There is none . Their goal is simply to cause chaos , wreck the economy and hope to be returned to power, rewarded for the carnage they caused. Obama saddled with the blame.

This opposition to Obama has gone through stages: Candidate Obama dealt with.

♦1) Jeremiah Wright.

♦2) Forced to make speech on Race in America>

♦3) Birther debate.♦

After Obama was elected.

♦4) Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell declaration that his sole mission is to make Obama a one term President.

♦5) Birther debate.

♦6) Skip Gates debacle.

♦7) Joe Wilson you lie.

♦8) Obstruct as much as possible.

♦9) Prevent Obama’s Re-election.

♦10) Challenge Obama-care in the Supreme Court.

♦11) De-fund Obama-care.

♦12) Cause total chaos.

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Billionaire Funders of chaos in America Charles and David Koch:

Behind this brand of Politics are two brothers Charles and David Koch who are funding  a campaign against Obama, they are bank-rolling efforts to derail Obama’s objectives to the tune of tens if not Hundreds of millions of dollars. This did not happen in a vacuum . This was made possible by Supreme Court Decision Citizens United. This decision opened the flood gates of special interest money into the political process under the guise of free speech. Charles and David Koch are not the only ones who are bank-rolling efforts to negate your vote, they are the face of it. These guys do not believe in Government they have stark libertarian beliefs which basically say those who cannot make it on their own will be weeded out naturally.  Never mind that it’ s easy for them to feel that way, they were born with diamond spoons in their mouths, thanks to a billionaire father.

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Tea Party Express Chairperson Amy Kremer.

On the face of it the Tea-Party seem like a grass-roots organization concerned about Government spending, It’s National chairperson is a woman who looks like a regular soccer mom. Don’t believe the lie, this group of frauds were absolutely silent when George Bush was waging two wars on a credit card and giving tax-breaks to millionaires and billionaires. behind this charade are specific groups which are well organized and funded, these includes Conservative Club for growth. Freedom Works. Tea Party Express. The Heritage Foundation.Conservative Victory Project and others. Those wondering where are the sane Republicans in light of recent developments must remember that notion is an oxymoron. Mitt Romney the last Republican Presidential Candidate the man who stated he was an independent during the Reagan years , ran as a “severely”[sic] Conservative     Republican. That is the level of lunacy which is now the clown-show called the Republican Party, which I prefer to call the Confederate party.


Ted Cruz:

What reasonable Republican?  They got rid of Dick Lugar in Indiana, Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania, other ideological zealots  were pushed into races they had no chance of winning , this cost them dearly in Delaware, North Dakota and Montana. So they allowed Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, two Tea-Party Senators to walk them into this tunnel about de-funding Obama care. The tunnel did not have an opening. Cruz in his signature self-aggrandizing zealotry, did not bother to ensure there was a way out, he simply marched them in like the pied piper of Hamelin. This story is often referenced in connection with charismatic leadership, i.e. to compare someone to the Pied Piper is to indicate that they lead unwitting followers to their doom.

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Now caught in a Tunnel from which they cannot return, Confederate/Republicans have closed the Government, demanding that Obama come to the table, so they can debate de-funding his health care law, or delay it for a year until they win the Senate so they can repeal it. Basically  a no win embarrassment for  Obama. He blinked before, why would they not get their way this time? Obama always gives them what they want!  Thus far Obama has stood firm, they did not see this coming, he always caves, they have no plan B. The conversation has now being shifted to talks about budget deficits and just sitting down to have a discussion about having a discussion.. The shameless neophyte Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz locked the Government down, then have the nerve to tell military Veterans the President did it. This guy is a shameless demagogue . At issue however is what Confederate/Republicans think about the average American, they believe they are too stupid to understand the issues. This guy has shades of Joe McCarthy, this country would be wise to pay special attention to him, he can cause a lot of harm before he is through, just like McCarthy did.



  1. Interesting perspective Mike . Although conspiratorial in tone , I truly believe for most part in the position you have taken . For the purist capitalist , its in their best interest not for any social programs being promoted by Obama, including Obama care not to succeed ,which might benefit the less fortunate among the citizenry of the US . Its unfortunate that these movers and shakers of the industries of the US which shapes its economic landscape , are not looking at the bigger picture here, and that is, an healthy citizenry can be of immense importance to a countries development . If we are guided by your observation it would seem that this is of no importance to them , its rather the colour of a man skin and maintaining the class status quo . Perhaps this is where your perspective finds relevance . Keep writing Mike .

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