Is there anyone else as annoyed as I am at the US Senator from South Carolina, no, not the Black one, the one who called himself a friend of John McCain but has become Donald Trump’s water boy, (speaking of Lindsay Graham).
What the hell happened to this guy? Was he always this full of it while John McCain was alive or has something sinister happened to Lindsay Graham?

Every year thousands and thousands of raids are carried out in neighborhoods across the country by the thousands of militarized police departments. These militarized raids are generally carried out in black and brown neighborhoods, sometimes with devastating consequences for residents of the properties on which these raids are executed.
Far too often the information which precipitated the raids are faulty, and even fraudulent, resulting ostensibly in devastating consequences for innocent victims who are left to pick up the pieces.

I have never ever heard Lindsay Graham condemn the police for acting inappropriately or abusing their powers.
In 2014 Cops in Georgia acting as if they were soldiers on a battlefield critically injured 19-month-old Bounkham Phonesavanh — known as “Baby Bou Bou.”
Serving a late-night “no-knock” warrant on May 28, 2014, at a home where they believed Bou Bou’s father’s nephew, a suspected meth dealer, was staying when they lobbed a flash-bang grenade inside. The nephew wasn’t home, and the grenade — designed to disorient its target — landed in Bou Bou’s crib.
The cops lied to the court but were nevertheless found not guilty for almost killing the innocent child.
Lindsay Graham did not have a word of condemnation for the overzealous wannabe soldiers who almost killed an innocent baby.
But the South Carolina Senator has written to the FBI demanding answers on why the agency did not simply ask Roger Stone the Trump associate to turn himself in.

Lindsay Graham

The FBI turned up in force and arrested Roger Stone early in the morning as they do in most other cases when they need to arrest criminal suspects.
That includes Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.
I believe anyone not living under a rock already knows who Roger Stone is.
I mean the guy is as old as a rock and has prided himself as a political dirty trickster of sorts from as far back as the Reagan years, maybe as far back as Nixon’s days.
Finally, Stone’s luck has run out and he has been indicted by Special Counsel Robert Muller’s team for his part in the ongoing investigations into alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in the 2016 General elections.
Why is Lindsay Graham sticking his nose into an active investigation over which he has no control?
To begin with, the FBI has evidence that Graham does not have.
Lindsay Graham, though a US Senator, has no jurisdiction, authority or control over either the FBI, or the Muller Investigations and as such the agency do not have to even respond to Senator Grahams posturing.

If we set aside those raids in which law enforcement break down doors only to realize that the information on which they acted was false or misleading.
And if we set aside the cases in which they break down doors and arrest real suspects in the all too familiar military-style raids, we would still be left with the hundreds and hundreds of people of color, generally young black men who are murdered by police across the country each year and Lindsay Graham has never found his voice to speak out against those atrocities.
What Lindsay Graham is doing as a result of his grandstanding is demanding a separate set of rules for white men with power.
No knock raids and raids like that carried out at Roger Stone’s house, you know where the FBI agents knocked and demanded that Stone open the door should only happen to “those people”, people of color and poor people who do not matter.
The FBI, I am sure, have several reasons why they did not ask Roger Stone to report to be arraigned.
Not the least of which could be that he may potentially destroy evidence germane to their investigations.
Roger Stone has dared the agency to come and arrest him. He had T-shirts made up daring the Muller team and have told everyone who would listen that he expected that he would be indicted.
Guess what, they may have done just that.
Roger Stone may also have posed a flight risk, we do not know and neither does the Senator from South Carolina.
All in all Roger Stone deserved no more deference that the guy on the street. Yet he was quick to tell the truth that the FBI Agents were really quite courteous to him.
Lindsay Graham in seeking to be Trump’s water boy, is making a royal jackass of himself.
John McCain would not recognize Lindsay Graham as a result of just how low he has sunken.