The long litany of anti-police groups deathly silent on homicides of ordinary jamaicans/JFJ/ FAST/PMI/IACHR /etal, hypocrites, and frauds.

This medium gives much respect to the always capable Mobile Reserve Police and the Lotto Scam task force which seized five illegal firearms including assault rifles from an address on Ducketts Road in Cambridge Saint James yesterday.
This haul along with the almost weekly caches seized at the Island’s ports are a stark reminder of just how the small Island is being inundated with guns.

If Jamaica is ever to get its arms around violent crimes committed with guns the first order of business is to stop the guns coming in illegally.
Additionally simply recovering the weapons must not be the goal of law enforcement.
There must be an investigative component which tracks the contraband to its destination with a view to arresting the top people behind this massive importation of guns and ammunition into the country.

The youths on the corner down on Delacree Road and Fitzgerald lane in Kingston 13 do not have the resources to bring in shipments of guns.
Those guns are being imported by people in Kingston 5 and Kingston 8.
No one is above the law go after these termite enemies of the state and expose them with open perp walks for all to see.

According to local reporting, the items seized are an M16 assault rifle; two 12-gauge shotguns; two 9mm pistols; 215 rounds of ammunition; 76 lead sheets; six cellular phones; three ski masks; a laptop; and a notebook containing identity information of people residing overseas.

This writer has always maintained that actual policing will only be successful when officers are allowed to do their jobs.
That entails building relationships and cultivating sources, it is as old a strategy as the press, cultivating sources and receiving good information.
So too is the cultivation of sources and informants critical to obtaining actionable intelligence in crime fighting.
We need to get back to people trusting their officers, like the man who pulled me aside in busy Cros Roads and told me where to find an M16 assault rifle in a ceiling in a house in Greenwich Farm.
As he said it was there it was when we went there.

Police officers do not happen upon five guns and an assortment of ammunition and other contraband without good intelligence supplied by good citizens.
That actionable intelligence will only come when citizens trust officers not just to act on the intelligence supplied but in protecting with their own lives, their right not to be outed as the source of the information given.

Murder and other serious crimes will not begin to trend down because of some policy dredged up in Jamaica House with full input from a bunch of mal-intent politicians and their anti-police friends with no input from police.
It will be solved with politicians stepping the fuck back and allowing the JCF professionals to do their jobs.

Politicians set policy, they do not execute law enforcement strategies.
What is even more stunning is that in Jamaica crime strategies are being formulated, implemented and executed with full deference to groups who are inexorably opposed to police officers.

The police can do the job they are asked to do, what they need is for the criminals who are double dipping as politicians to step aside and end their demagoguery of the department and for the mealy-mouthed know-nothings to shut their trap and allow the officers to do their jobs.

I am tired of hearing politicians talk about human rights on every occasion the question of law and order comes up.
As if police officers executing their mandate to go after criminals is equivalent to abuse of citizens rights.
Based on the murder statistics alone the average Jamaican will have no need to talk about human rights they will have no damn life to be respected if current trends hold.

The country is losing approximately 1400 people to violence each year yet the long line of anti-police groups arrayed in support of criminals are deathly silent.
The fundamental right that each and every Jamaican who obeys the laws have to life and liberty are of no concern to them.
Whats important is the rights of murderers, child rapists, and other degenerates.

In order for us to solve this problem, people must give up the killers in their midst.
The Government and Opposition must give full support to the rule of law and the officers who sacrifice for the safety of others.
And most importantly remove from among their ranks members of parliaments who are still actively engaged in criminal conduct.