Marco Rubio

Yesterday the cowardly little Cuban US Senator Marco Rubio stood up in front of his intellectually challenged deplorable supporters and declared that Democrats are trying to steal the elections in Broward County.
In addition to the baseless claims he also fired off a torrent of baseless tweets making the same accusations without providing any evidence.  I guess he learning the Trump tactics.
In one tweet Rubio claimed #Broward election supervisors ongoing violation of #florida law requiring timely reporting isn’t just annoying incompetence. It has opened the door for lawyers to come here & try to steal a senate seat in the US Senate% Florida cabinet.

Now it does not matter that the little twit did not bother to offer one scintilla of evidence to back up his claims, he did it anyway and at the same time, Rick Scott who stands to benefit from being given the contested Senate seat was on state TY @fox misinformation complaining about Democrats trying to steal the Senate seat.
And of course, as you might have expected the Lying dishonest criminal tweeter in chief fired off tweets about the need to end the count and move on even though the absentee and mail-in ballots are yet to be counted. 

Senator Bill Nelson , Marco Rubio and Rick Scott.

As the Governor of the state, Rick Scott also ordered a law enforcement investigation into the counting of the vote in Broward country.
As you ponder that it is important to understand that the thing which is causing these incredibly corrupt politicians to be complaining and asking for investigations is that county officials are counting the votes.

There is precious little secret to the fact that I find Marco Rubio and Raphael Cruz the two Cuban frauds in the Senate rather offensive and disgusting.
Both of those weaseling little self-hating Latinos have tried their level best to dishonor the process of immigration even though both these frauds are first-generation Americans of parents who left Cuba in search of better lives.

As despicable as Raphael Cruz is I find Rubio no less revolting from the time the little dweeb remarked that President Obama had no class for having black rappers at the white house.
The hypocritical little weasel has nonetheless been deathly silent in the face of Trump’s assault on the very foundations of the democratic principles of this country.
The levels of graft and corruption are unprecedented yet the despicable little Rubio whom Trump derided and berated in 2016 has no smart ass comment now.

Those old enough to recall the 2000 presidential elections will recall that Republicans had no problem with the fact that their goons stormed the venue in the very same Broward county in which the votes were still being counted and tabulated and shut down the vote and declared George Bush the winner even though Al Gore was ahead in the count.
George Bush’s younger brother was governor at the time.
You all remember low energy Jeb right[sic ]? 

What Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump want is to [end the vote count] and hand a Democratic Senate seat held by Senator Bill Nelson to Scott and the Governorship of the state to the clueless mini-Trump Ron Desantis by ending the vote count.
The (daily beast) Sam Stein tweeted. Marco Rubio could be working behind the scenes and even in public to try to bring some order and trust to Florida recount, instead, he’s chosen to tweet. The usually brilliant Sam Stein must have forgotten that corruption and deception are all Republicans have left.