In our Parliamentary democratic system of Government, as is the case in western republican democracies, it is critically important that the checks and balances which obtains holds, and are strengthened if our democratic institutions and our nations are to survive.
As citizens, all of us have a responsibility to stick our hand in the proverbial dike whenever we see a breach, everything depends on it.

Last Wednesday High Court Judge justice Glen Brown urged the Government to pay the attorneys representing Corporal Kevin Adams and six other police officers charged with murder in the case pejoratively dubbed the death squad case.
Justice Brown intimated that he would be giving the Government over the weekend to deal with the 107 million dollars owed to the officer’s attorneys, a little fact which has hampered the case’s progress.

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Two events occurred as a result of justice Brown’s threats to dismiss.
(1) The nation’s Justice Minister Delroy Chuck was outraged, he labeled the judge “out of order” while insisting that the sum owed was outrageous and extravagant.
Chuch went as far as to suggest that the government only agreed to help with the officer’s legal fees not bear the full extent of those costs.
Remember this is the very same Delroy Chuck who was a part of the administration of Bruce Golding which gave the Island INDECOM. Yet the learned attorney[sic] never thought it prudent to have monies included to defend cops charged by INDECOM, whatever happened to the presumption of innocence.
There is one little fact in all of this, and that is that the Government is committed to paying the legal fees of officers charged by INDECOM.
This was not a part of the original framework of the law, it came into effect after structural deficiencies have been found in the eight-year-old law.
This writer has been on the tip of this spear, yelling at and to everyone who will listen, at the clear unconstitutionality of the law and the ways it is infringing on the rights of the Island’s officers.

Attorney General Marlene Malahoo-Forte


(2) Despite Chuck’s grandstanding and arguments for a system of men rather than a system of laws, he found himself meeting with the officer’s attorneys and resolving the outstanding issue.
We can look at Chuck’s expeditious conformity with what the judge suggested and extrapolate from it that(a)he gave in because he knew the monies had to be paid. Or (b) I rather argue that he made arrangements to pay because he was adamant that these officers were not going to walk free.
We all know how much Delroy Chuck loves the police[sic]

So Chuck did not find himself answering to the court personally but Malahoo-Forte the Attorney General did.
The fact that anyone from the executive was forced to show up and answer to another branch of Government is a step in the right direction and a clear indication that flawed though our democracy is, we are still on the right path toward a society of laws and not of men.