Volunteer offer: ‘We’ll take back Jamaica’


Published: Tuesday | December 9, 2008

The Editor, Sir:An article appeared in the online edition of The Star on December 8, which, I thought, removed all doubts from the minds of any person of sound mind and judgement about who is in charge in Jamaica – the gunmen, terrorists and thugs.Gone is any semblance of control, at least on the part of the security forces. The article of which I speak is the police-supervised mass exodus of law-abiding homeowners and other residents of Gravel Heights, St Catherine, after they were ordered to leave because they committed the cardinal sin of being ‘informers’ ( they spoke to the police).

Chilling message

This purported action led to a raid in the community by the security forces and, of course, all the police did was to provide security for the exodus of the people. The chilling message this sends to the rest of the criminal elements is this is the way to go; pretty soon law-abiding residents of Jamaica will be extinct. So, I have a proposal for the Government. I am a former cop and am willing to drop everything I have to do and come down there with other like-minded former cops. We would operate under the law but with no political interference, and no mouthing from human-rights spokespersons. And I assure the people of Jamaica we will take back our country, street by street. We did it before, we will do it again.We fear no one, no don.

Mr Prime Minister, the time for talk is over, soon you will be confined to just uptown Kingston as the security forces will not be able to go anywhere in this small country. We will operate under the law, but want no interference, or management from anyone in the Government or security forces. That’s my offer.

I am, etc.,