Though receptive to any positive approach which has the potential to bring some semblance of security back to Jamaica, I still worry that certain approaches are avoidance mechanisms which can only have a net negligible effect.

According to the Jamaica Information Service a peace march through the communities of Salt Spring and Norwood in the Parish of Saint James attracted a significant crowd of supporters .Organizers which included the Police,the Religious ministers fraternal the Peace management Unit and others believe their efforts are being rewarded by the size of the crowds participating in the marches.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Sharon Beeput of the St James Police Division said the massive support given to the peace marches is an indication that the residents have grown tired of crime and violence and are now speaking out. She pointed out that a joined-up approach to fighting crime and violence has been adopted, with the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Jamaica Defence Force leading the process. “The police and soldiers are in the communities carrying out their duties daily. We also have persons from the Community Safety and Security Department who are also in the community and they intend to stay,” DSP Beeput said. She noted that they work along with persons from the Citizen Security and Justice Programme, the PMI, and the Community Development Committee.


Art sometimes have the uncanny ability of imitating life on other occasions life return the flattery.


I recall the Jamaican film Third world cop , a film chock-full of local talent which had as it’s lead Paul Campbell who was depicted as the erstwhile loose cannon cop “Capone”.
Capone was no loose cannon , neither had his brand of policing become outdated, it was exactly what was needed to push back against the viscous criminals who had migrated to the country. Naturally always making the wrong decisions the police hierarchy  did not see it that way.
Capone’s seniors certainly thought that though his results were unquestioned his methods were not satisfactorily palatable.
Capone a no-nonsense Portland cop committed the cardinal sin of killing a cop killer who came to kill him.
In the film another cop was kidnapped and used to direct the cop killer to Capone. Being the ladies man Capone was caught in a rather compromising position with a lady friend.
The intended killer told Capone “yu b***l cllat yu a yu mi cum fa”.!
Capone a street savvy cop was not going to roll over, he would have to go out fighting. No way would he capitulate to a common punk who wanted to take him out. Capone gradually eased his hand under the pillow and clasped his dependable 9mm Browning semi automatic pistol, all the time telling the talkative captive police ” sidung Floyd , sidung Floyd” so he could get a clear shot at his intended killer.
Floyd having no clue about tactics,having no cop-sense continued to blabber his mouth about how sorry he was to lead the killer to Capone..
Wanting to show his brutality and desire to kill, the assailant steadfastly put a bullet in Floyd’s head stating “yu b***d c***t yu, yu nu hea fi siddung”.
Knowing there would never be another opportunity to act ,Capone took the shot neutralizing his would-be killer.

Campbell in his role as Capone..
Campbell in his role as Capone..

The irony inherent in that section of the movie is that Capone was told by his commanding officer a female superintendent that he was better suited for Kingston,his brand of policing was no longer needed.
Capone was transferred to Kingston where he continued to do police work as the streets demanded , the criminal underworld feared and respected him.
His brand of policing had not seen the end of it’s time , his ass-kissing lap dog bosses acting on the dictates of their pretentious puppeteers thought it’s time had come.
It’s rather telling that when one watches these films , be it third World Cop, shottas, the harder they come or any other classic, the writers adequately depict the streets and what is needed to fight back against hardened criminals yet the community at large, political intellectual, religious, and even police are unable to grasp what script writers so easily understand and so deftly portray..

Deputy Superintendent of Police Sharon Beeput
Deputy Superintendent of Police Sharon Beeput


I’m unsure whether what is happening in these communities are open warfare between various factions and if so. Why ? Or whether what is happening is rampant criminality which is something totally different than warring factions.
If the real life female superintendent’s word is to be believed quote: ” The massive support given to the peace marches is an indication that the residents have grown tired of crime and violence and are now speaking out “.
Then it’s high time that the police step in using whatever means they have at their disposal to bring the citizens over to their side. Educating them on ways they may safely report suspicious or criminal activities in confidence without fear the information will be passed on to criminals thereby placing them at risk.
A misdiagnosis of the problem elicit an improper response which will not cure the situation.
I am inclined to believe the latter is the case, for the most part the days of warring factions in parts of Spanish Town Kingston and St Andrew and other areas are largely things of the past.
I fear that rather than confront the crime Monster authorities are putting a band aid on a sore as well as misdiagnosing the condition in which case the remedy being applied will have no positive effect.
Marching for peace is a good thing if there is war , the problem is crime not war it seem to me.