The mistake the cops made in Spalding yesterday was in not shooting the attacking mob leaders dead!!!

Attack a police officer in any country on this planet and if you live to regret it you will really regret it, I mean really regret it.
In America attacking a police officer even without a weapon could be automatic death, and if you survive to talk about it, you will have years in prison to consider your actions.
I recently watched a video of a woman who attacked Russian cops with her hands and their response was brutish.
Literally shocking was the level of force the officers employed to the attacker who was a woman no less.
Whether we agree with the level of force employed by the officer under attack is neither here nor there. Wrong or right that is his/her call to make when he/she feels his/her life threatened.
Every officer of the law, like everyone else, has an expectation that they will finish their shift and go home to their families without being assaulted, abused or worse.
He/she alone gets to make that call and the laws should back that officer fully everywhere.

Why is it then that Jamaicans living at home feel that they have a license to attack police officers who are doing their jobs?
Before we examine those reasons, it is important to acknowledge that when Jamaicans set foot overseas, they are keenly conversant that what they do at home will not fly in other countries.
Even within the CARICOM region in which Jamaicans are supposed to be able to travel relatively freely, member states still sometimes nuance the rules of the CARICOM charter to allow their law-enforcement to be particularly wary and vigilant to the presence of Jamaicans traveling to their countries. The record of criminal activity is undeniable and there should be no conversation around what are undeniable facts.
In the past police officials have ridiculed Jamaicans who complain about the treatment they receive when they visit their country and are singled out for special treatment, “this is not Jamaica.”
Clear references that they will not tolerate the kind of lawlessness which exist in Jamaica in their countries.

There is no secret that Jamaica is and has always been a very violent and lawless country. In response to the lawlessness and violence, the strategy has been to tighten control over the police service, effectively rendering officers “paper tigers” through a series of legislation under the guise that they are transforming the police force into professional police services.
Now, there is a conversation to be had around the reasons behind the strategy to muzzle and handcuff the police.
Not the least of which is the corrupt nature of the politicians who populate both political parties.
A police department beholden to them and incapable of conducting intelligent investigations is incapable of stopping their rapacious assault against the people’s resources.

Rather than change the paradigm after the militia uprising of 2010 in support of drug lord Christopher Duddus Coke both political parties doubled down on stupid, or should I say doubled down on criminal acquiescence and gave the country INDECOM.
That is the legacy of the Duddus supporter Orett Bruce Golding, who was forced from office for standing in the way of the extradition of a known drug lord and criminal kingpin, who has been accused of being a merciless murderer.
After the security forces liberated Tivoli Gardens from the control of that scum kingpin and annexed it to the rest of the Island, both political parties banded together to condemn the security forces for acting decisively toward the kingpin and his militia.
Although the Americans prevailed in having Coke extradited, the message to the criminal underworld was clear.
We are with you don’t worry“.

The incident in Manchester yesterday in which a bus driver felt emboldened to psychically attack a uniformed police officer doing his job, and the ensuing melee and destruction of property by the band of dumb animals must be laid squarely at the feet of the political class.
My problem with the actions of the officers is that because of fear that the Government has instituted in them through INDECOM as a harassment agency, the officers missed an opportunity to send a clear message.
Jamaica has far too many opinionated idiots to function as a modern society.
My only problem with the cops involved is that they retreated, that’s not police training. 
Police training dictates that in situations like the one they faced they stand their ground back to back, train their weapons to the head of the lead attackers and as soon as they step forward to cause harm to them, methodical and systematical shoot to kill.
Let’s see how many would keep stepping forward.
That’s what I fault the officers with, but they do not make them like they used to.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text
Here are some of the rioters who destroyed government property

At the end of the day what we need to do is to ignore the continuous talking from the shitheads and come to the realization that there is no prosperity to be delivered by the JLP, and damn sure no alternative growth path by the criminal supporting PNP in this madness and chaos.
That is why we need to shut INDECOM down now, send Hamish Campbell home and take back our country from this madness.
If any of these officers are charged with anything there should be hell to pay by INDECOM.
The fact that Jamaica continues to struggle with corruption according to Transparency International is proof positive that the facts are on our side and not on the side of the Island’s leadership.
The fraudulent witnesses whom I have been writing about for years, who are nurtured and promoted by the criminal supporting press must not be allowed to place another police officer on suspension.
If INDECOM continues to be a clear enhancer of this kind of assault on our police, steps must be taken to ensure that INDECOM does not destroy the life of another hard-working police officer.
The same methodologies which are applied to INDECOM should be applied to those who support that criminal enhancement agency.
No country which supports criminals at the expense of its law enforcement agents can be successful, corrupt country, no investment.
Jamaica’s criminal politicians surely cannot continue to fool the majority of the people forever.

Most importantly, through the proliferation of smartphones and CCTV cameras, the lie which the anti-police media gave legitimacy to are being exposed.
The real question after many years in which lying criminals turn up to give false evidence against the police must be, how many police officers lives have been ruined as a result?
This writer has been making the case that this practice which is aided and abetted by the media has resulted in a lot of the cases against officers ended up failing to meet the most basic prosecutorial standards because they were fraudulent from the start.


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