Media Complicit As Usual In Selling Fake Story About Clarendon Police Shooting..

The mis­take the cops made in Spalding yes­ter­day was in not shoot­ing the attack­ing mob lead­ers dead!!!

Attack a police offi­cer in any coun­try on this plan­et and if you live to regret it you will real­ly regret it, I mean real­ly regret it.
In America attack­ing a police offi­cer even with­out a weapon could be auto­mat­ic death, and if you sur­vive to talk about it, you will have years in prison to con­sid­er your actions.
I recent­ly watched a video of a woman who attacked Russian cops with her hands and their response was brutish.
Literally shock­ing was the lev­el of force the offi­cers employed to the attack­er who was a woman no less.
Whether we agree with the lev­el of force employed by the offi­cer under attack is nei­ther here nor there. Wrong or right that is his/​her call to make when he/​she feels his/​her life threat­ened.
Every offi­cer of the law, like every­one else, has an expec­ta­tion that they will fin­ish their shift and go home to their fam­i­lies with­out being assault­ed, abused or worse.
He/​she alone gets to make that call and the laws should back that offi­cer ful­ly every­where.

Why is it then that Jamaicans liv­ing at home feel that they have a license to attack police offi­cers who are doing their jobs?
Before we exam­ine those rea­sons, it is impor­tant to acknowl­edge that when Jamaicans set foot over­seas, they are keen­ly con­ver­sant that what they do at home will not fly in oth­er coun­tries.
Even with­in the CARICOM region in which Jamaicans are sup­posed to be able to trav­el rel­a­tive­ly freely, mem­ber states still some­times nuance the rules of the CARICOM char­ter to allow their law-enforce­ment to be par­tic­u­lar­ly wary and vig­i­lant to the pres­ence of Jamaicans trav­el­ing to their coun­tries. The record of crim­i­nal activ­i­ty is unde­ni­able and there should be no con­ver­sa­tion around what are unde­ni­able facts.
In the past police offi­cials have ridiculed Jamaicans who com­plain about the treat­ment they receive when they vis­it their coun­try and are sin­gled out for spe­cial treat­ment, “this is not Jamaica.“
Clear ref­er­ences that they will not tol­er­ate the kind of law­less­ness which exist in Jamaica in their coun­tries.

There is no secret that Jamaica is and has always been a very vio­lent and law­less coun­try. In response to the law­less­ness and vio­lence, the strat­e­gy has been to tight­en con­trol over the police ser­vice, effec­tive­ly ren­der­ing offi­cers “paper tigers” through a series of leg­is­la­tion under the guise that they are trans­form­ing the police force into pro­fes­sion­al police ser­vices.
Now, there is a con­ver­sa­tion to be had around the rea­sons behind the strat­e­gy to muz­zle and hand­cuff the police.
Not the least of which is the cor­rupt nature of the politi­cians who pop­u­late both polit­i­cal par­ties.
A police depart­ment behold­en to them and inca­pable of con­duct­ing intel­li­gent inves­ti­ga­tions is inca­pable of stop­ping their rapa­cious assault against the peo­ple’s resources.

Rather than change the par­a­digm after the mili­tia upris­ing of 2010 in sup­port of drug lord Christopher Duddus Coke both polit­i­cal par­ties dou­bled down on stu­pid, or should I say dou­bled down on crim­i­nal acqui­es­cence and gave the coun­try INDECOM.
That is the lega­cy of the Duddus sup­port­er Orett Bruce Golding, who was forced from office for stand­ing in the way of the extra­di­tion of a known drug lord and crim­i­nal king­pin, who has been accused of being a mer­ci­less mur­der­er.
After the secu­ri­ty forces lib­er­at­ed Tivoli Gardens from the con­trol of that scum king­pin and annexed it to the rest of the Island, both polit­i­cal par­ties band­ed togeth­er to con­demn the secu­ri­ty forces for act­ing deci­sive­ly toward the king­pin and his mili­tia.
Although the Americans pre­vailed in hav­ing Coke extra­dit­ed, the mes­sage to the crim­i­nal under­world was clear.
We are with you don’t wor­ry”.

The inci­dent in Manchester yes­ter­day in which a bus dri­ver felt embold­ened to psy­chi­cal­ly attack a uni­formed police offi­cer doing his job, and the ensu­ing mêlée and destruc­tion of prop­er­ty by the band of dumb ani­mals must be laid square­ly at the feet of the polit­i­cal class.
My prob­lem with the actions of the offi­cers is that because of fear that the Government has insti­tut­ed in them through INDECOM as a harass­ment agency, the offi­cers missed an oppor­tu­ni­ty to send a clear mes­sage.
Jamaica has far too many opin­ion­at­ed idiots to func­tion as a mod­ern soci­ety.
My only prob­lem with the cops involved is that they retreat­ed, that’s not police train­ing. 
Police train­ing dic­tates that in sit­u­a­tions like the one they faced they stand their ground back to back, train their weapons to the head of the lead attack­ers and as soon as they step for­ward to cause harm to them, method­i­cal and sys­tem­at­i­cal shoot to kill.
Let’s see how many would keep step­ping for­ward.
That’s what I fault the offi­cers with, but they do not make them like they used to.

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Here are some of the riot­ers who destroyed gov­ern­ment prop­er­ty

At the end of the day what we need to do is to ignore the con­tin­u­ous talk­ing from the shit­heads and come to the real­iza­tion that there is no pros­per­i­ty to be deliv­ered by the JLP, and damn sure no alter­na­tive growth path by the crim­i­nal sup­port­ing PNP in this mad­ness and chaos.
That is why we need to shut INDECOM down now, send Hamish Campbell home and take back our coun­try from this mad­ness.
If any of these offi­cers are charged with any­thing there should be hell to pay by INDECOM.
The fact that Jamaica con­tin­ues to strug­gle with cor­rup­tion accord­ing to Transparency International is proof pos­i­tive that the facts are on our side and not on the side of the Island’s lead­er­ship.
The fraud­u­lent wit­ness­es whom I have been writ­ing about for years, who are nur­tured and pro­mot­ed by the crim­i­nal sup­port­ing press must not be allowed to place anoth­er police offi­cer on sus­pen­sion.
If INDECOM con­tin­ues to be a clear enhancer of this kind of assault on our police, steps must be tak­en to ensure that INDECOM does not destroy the life of anoth­er hard-work­ing police offi­cer.
The same method­olo­gies which are applied to INDECOM should be applied to those who sup­port that crim­i­nal enhance­ment agency.
No coun­try which sup­ports crim­i­nals at the expense of its law enforce­ment agents can be suc­cess­ful, cor­rupt coun­try, no invest­ment.
Jamaica’s crim­i­nal politi­cians sure­ly can­not con­tin­ue to fool the major­i­ty of the peo­ple for­ev­er.

Most impor­tant­ly, through the pro­lif­er­a­tion of smart­phones and CCTV cam­eras, the lie which the anti-police media gave legit­i­ma­cy to are being exposed.
The real ques­tion after many years in which lying crim­i­nals turn up to give false evi­dence against the police must be, how many police offi­cers lives have been ruined as a result?
This writer has been mak­ing the case that this prac­tice which is aid­ed and abet­ted by the media has result­ed in a lot of the cas­es against offi­cers end­ed up fail­ing to meet the most basic pros­e­cu­to­r­i­al stan­dards because they were fraud­u­lent from the start.


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