As major crimes continue to be a serious issue in Jamaica, the government continue to flail away half-heartedly seemingly bereft of any clue of what needs to be done to effectively fix this cancer.

So what does the Portia Simpson Miller administration do? They announced  the formation of another squad within the Police force.

National Security Minister Peter Bunting:

I have followed developments closely, both within the police department and the government on a whole, as it relates to security matters, or should I say the lack thereof ? At this time all I can say to minister Bunting is, “mister Minister are you serious”?

In recent times there have been numerous squads,mister minister what will another squad do that the others haven’t attempted or done?

Flying squad.

Ranger squad.

Eradication squad.

OCID squad.

Crime management unit.

Street crimes Unit.

Operation Kingfish.

And now MOCA, Major Organized Crime and Anti Corruption task Force. Mister Minister, I like a Moca every now and then but this is not the time to have a nice beverage. On a serious note though, it seem that the Portia Simpson Miller is not aware of the old adage “the definition of a fool is, doing the same thing and expecting a different result” .

As I have written in every forum and in these blogs, over and over, and over, the solution cannot be about any of the following.


The formation of more squads within the same inept police force.

Putting more cops on the streets, important though that may be.

Arresting more criminals, so they walk right back through the revolving door.

Arming the police force more, important though that may be.

Having more and more police over-sight agencies, important though that may be.


What is needed are clearly crafted laws which seriously militates against crime. Laws which have penalties that leaves no ambiguity, but puts criminals away for extended periods of time commensurate with the crime they commit.

Fixing the criminal justice system, which now overwhelmingly favors criminals and dirty defense lawyers.

Have truth in sentencing, which removes discretion from the country’s far-left leaning liberal judges for certain categories of crimes. This reduces or eliminates their abilities to seek out ways to return criminals to the streets.

Effectively train and equip the police force in intelligence gathering, forensics, and the administration of proper international police procedures and protocols.

What we are forced to conclude is that as we are used to seeing this is just another attempt by political administrations to kick the proverbial can down the road.

This PNP administration came to office after the elections of December 29th 2011,  after 4 years in opposition, one would have thought it fair to assume they must have had an opportunity to get a grasp of what ails the country.

Yet they did not table one piece of legislation, even after the first 100 days. Most duly elected governments in other countries strive to accomplish a broad raft of legislative accomplishments within the first 100 days of taking office, if not for anything but for bragging rights.

The Portia Simpson Miller administration came to office with nothing, they simply took power. With this party, it is, as it has always been, all about holding state power.

They have lied about the crash programme (JEEP).  They lied about rolling back taxes on electricity, in fact they increased taxes on electricity. They lied about the size of their cabinet, God knows what is left for them to lie about.

The gullible voters have once again  been taken for a ride, as they have been on so many other previous occasions. The latest charade is MOCA.

Any  stick which forms a  new paradigm as it relates to crime and punishment , must be accompanied by a rigorous and vibrant programme of carrots. It cannot only be  punitive.  My experiences with Jamaican youths who emigrate is that they are no different from any other young people for the most part. They have the same dreams and aspirations of any other group of young people. The same dreams and aspirations I had when I was their age. I marvel at the thought of how many young men have been lost because they have literally been forced into a life of crime out of necessity.

Understanding that there are no magic bullets, no panacea  for any problem , I am painfully aware of the limitations of governments as it relates to the delivery of services. This is not a Jamaican problem, it is a global one, it however does not excuse a government from the  primacy of its function, that of providing security to its people, as a result of gross incompetence and dereliction of duty.

Governments, to include that which obtains in Jamaica, cannot any longer occupy office just to secure and feather their nests, this kind of fallacy is no longer acceptable and will not be tolerated  as is evidenced  in places like Egypt, Libya, and now Syria. These are countries to which the word Democracy was alien. Though they are not yet shining democratic beacons on a hill, they certainly have taken their futures into their own hands and overturned thousands of years of oppressive tyranny.

Jamaica beware.

No longer will political parties and would be leaders, be allowed to fatten themselves at the expense of the 99%.  Electorates are now far more sophisticated. It behoves the present corrupt regime in power in Jamaica to take note,  failing which, their ill-conceived notion that “Jamaica is PNP country” will fast become a grave misnomer.

Fix crime in Jamaica the country’s problems are half solved.

It’s that simple.