Mentally Ill Man Who Doesn’t Speak Brutally Beaten By Cops

Barry Montgomery Jr., described by his family as a harmless paranoid schizophrenic, was handcuffed and brutally beaten by a barrygroup of 20 deputies while he was playing basketball at a park in Willowbrook in July, family members said at a Wednesday news conference. Montgomery sustained seven broken ribs, facial fractures, a broken orbital bone and multiple injuries from use of a baton and Taser, according to the NAACP’s Compton branch, which called the news conference alongside the family and the family’s attorney, Martin Kaufman.

Montgomery’s mother described “puddles of blood” left by the July 14 arrest at Enterprise Park, saying her son was still in pain. He played basketball at the park every night for more than 10 years, family members said.

“They beat him for no reason because he didn’t respond? He does not respond. He does not talk,” Ty Ellis, Montgomery’s sister said. “It’s not right. It’s injustice. … We need them to investigate these officers.”

Photos showing Montgomery with blackened, bloodied eyes were displayed at the event, held at Compton City Hall. The Compton Sheriff’s Station was the focus of the news conference, with organizers saying Montgomery’s violent arrest was part of a pattern of violence that also implicated officers in area schools.

It’s happening everyday all across America. Police who are sworn to serve and protect are assaulting and killing  innocent citizens . They summarily and brutally assault and kill citizens and lie to cover their tracks.  Their atrocious behavior are compounded by Politicians who continue to take more of citizens rights and give them more and more power to abuse the very citizens they supposedly serve. In many localities the only way to report incidents of police abuse is to go to the same police. Citizens complain they are intimidated and made to feel like they are criminals, as a result most incidents of abuse go un-reported.

As was the case with Eric Garner the Staten Island man who was brutally killed by NYPD cops a few weeks ago, the Police in this assault brutalized this young man for a minor infraction. As far as their reporting goes they smelled marijuana, there was no indication that he was responsible for the marijuana odor they allegedly smelled in the public park.. It was enough for them to approach and brutalize the slightly built young man.

♦1)They never claimed they found a cigar .

♦2) They never claimed they had him tested and  found drugs in his system.

♦3) It never occurred to them that the reason he did not answer them was that he couldn’t speak, the answer these days is to beat and kill black men.

♦4) Even if the young man did not answer them it was his right not to do so. He had the right to remain silent. These dumb cops ought to know that. That is why they added that he swung at them. The spokeswoman struggled with the lie that he was vocally aggressive to the cops. The family alleges the young man does not speak.

♦5)Why would police officers beat and brutalize a young man who is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing only 120 pounds?


As I have said the primary reason Police attack murder and assault young black men and women is disrespect. Whenever these incidents occur we hear Police spokespersons , politicians, pundits and their supporters come out and say officers do not go out intending to harm or kill anyone.

Well , now I seriously doubt that these days. They may not go out on a particular day saying to themselves “I’m gonna go beat or kill a black person”. Or whatever they call blacks these days. The palpable disrespect many of them carry for the black community rapidly transforms to violence ,as starch to sugar, for the black people they encounter.

Many people argue there are only a few bad police officers. That too is not true. When  Police officers stand by and allow their colleagues to assault, harass , or otherwise abuse members of the public and do nothing, that makes them bad cops. Every officer who believes in the mantra “to serve and protect” has a duty to intervene and prevent colleagues from abusing citizens.

Many cops claim to be good cops, yet they do nothing when their colleagues assault members of the public then falsify reports which adds to the injury of the person . It is a despicable practice, no wonder America’s jails are filled to overflowing with inmates. Many of them innocent victims of corrupt police officers.

Where are the human Rights Agencies which meddle in other countries they hold responsible for transgressions against their citizens? They are deafeningly silent. This silence not only make them hypocrites, it makes them complicit.