A new Police Post opened in Green Acres, Spanish Town St. Catherine on Thursday, March 15th. Whatever can be done to reduce response time by the police is always a good thing. In fact, I recently wrote that whoever the new commissioner of police is he/she should work hard to ensure that response time is cut exponentially.

People are consoled immensely when they have an idea that when they call the police the police is going to be there in record time.
Citizens can experience no greater sense of terror than to be in trouble with no recourse or expectation of help coming from the police.

The new Police Post just opened in Green Acres, Spanish Town, St. Catherine on Thursday, March 15th.

And so with that in mind, it is a welcome sign to see a new facility erected which will potentially bring a certain degree of consolation to residents in and around the immediate area of Green Acres Spanish Town.
At the risk of sounding hypercritical, I made peace with being deluged with condemnation from those who see this as a great achievement for the people in the area.

Should I worry about the potential blowback though, when the thing seems like it is actually a trailer? Ok so I am told it is actually a trailer with some paint and accouterments slapped onto it.

There are parts of the world where people are putting these containers to good use, including retrofitting them to house the homeless. Nothing wrong with that at all, in fact, I would be glad to have had one of those as my home as a young officer working in Jamaica based on the stipend we were given then.

Okay so they are able to make coffee, whats to complain about,? yippee…

Retrofitting these containers to house those who cannot afford to purchase a home makes a lot of sense, but does it make sense that we are asking our police officers to be caged in these death traps considering the high-velocity weapons in the hands of the gangsters?

I hate to be the guy who pricks the balloon, but people are asking why should the police settle for this death trap when one certain minister of Government’s cell phone bill was  J$18.000,000?

The Former Darling Street Police Station, a concrete structure burned, officers shot.

Ok, I’m just the messenger I really only care about the welfare of the young men and women who are going to be risking life and limb in that cage.
I have a certain respect for the parents who allow their children to enter the service of their country in the JCF, considering the lawlessness of the country and the lack of thanks, officers get for risking their lives working in dangerous and shitty conditions for a paltry stipend.

No shortage of dignitaries to memorialize this monumental accomplishment.[sic]
So I ask about the safety of that death trap against existing precedent not out of some desire to be argumentative or anti-government as the JLP partisans will accuse me of being, never bothering to talk about the times when I criticize the PNP.

In the final analysis, we have to consider what we are doing here, what are we spending money on, regardless of the cost? Other nations build infrastructure which lasts for centuries, Jamaica build for today and so we will have to keep building into perpetuity.

Who remembered the Hannah Town police station?

This is another stop-gap investment in the police and law enforcement, at the expense of police officers lives as long as it seems that we are doing something politically. Like ZOSO and the State of Public Emergency are also stop-gap partisan measures designed to allay fear and anxiety.


It all makes sense now, dictatorship maybe?

With the maintenance of law and order high on the agenda of the Government, a sum of $8.4 billion has been budgeted to bolster the capabilities of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).

This includes $1.77 billion for cybersecurity initiatives by the JDF; $1.36 billion to increase the mobility of the JDF; $2.45 billion to purchase helicopters to assist in search and rescue, casualty evacuation, medical evaluation and training; $1.32 billion to strengthen the capability of the JDF within Jamaica’s maritime zone; and $1.5 billion for the construction of new integrated training, accommodation, office and storage facilities.

Details of the project are outlined in the 2018/19 Estimates of Expenditure. The Estimates were recently tabled in the House of Representatives by Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Audley Shaw.(Source JIS)

Well, at least we are now up to speed and ready to take on North Korea, eat your heart out Kim Jong-un.

Police Commanders Must Work On Lowering Response Time…..