What the hell is wrong with Barack Obama? Does he think the ass kicking he took from Mitt Romney last week was a laughing matter?

Here’s a clue mister President, no one thinks it’s funny, except  maybe you. The fact of the matter mister President is that the performance you turned in was rather pathetic.

Many of the people who support you have a right to be concerned, obviously even though you are the person at the top of this thing you fail to seriously grasp that there is much more at stake than your interest.

As The Reverend Al Sharpton said quote” this election is not about Barack Obama, it’s about your mama”.

The truth is you and your family are set for life but there are other people who seriously depend on you winning this election for many reasons.

Who gets appointed to the supreme court.

Who gets health-care.

A woman’s right to choose.

Who gets to vote.

War and peace.

College tuition.

And a host of other issues, now mister president I am not about to tell you how to run your campaign , in fact you have run a series of winning campaigns, so suffer it that I tell you how to run this one.

But what the hell are you doing running big bird Ads at this stage of the campaign?


No one thinks it’s funny or germane to the seriousness of the issues confronting the country, factually it makes your campaign look downright unprepared to continue to lead.

The explanation you gave for that shocking debate performance on the Tom Joyner radio show was even more curious, you wanted to be polite?

There is nothing wrong with being polite, there is nothing wrong with being tired, there is nothing wrong with being unprepared.

But here’s a bit of news mister president , you need to put your big boy pants on, these losers are playing for keeps,they have no scruples, there is nothing beneath them , you need to get down in the mud, good guys finish last.

No matter how tired, I am, no matter how polite I want to be , no matter how unprepared I am, if Romney came at me like he came at you, you can bet your sweet life I am fighting like hell, all the tiredness is gone, all the mister nice guy is gone , and you bet I would remember that he was lying, and you damn right I would have the facts to confront his lies.

And guess what mister president ? I am not the president.

I am so turned off hearing you on the campaign trail talking about big bird. Mister President did you hear how Bill Clinton explain stuff at the convention? Oh one more thing Sir, did you hear what Mister Clinton had to say at his last campaign appearance for you? You really need to stop with the foolish tired old lines and explain to people what you stand for this is no joke.

Thank you.