Mitt Birther Romney

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

He’s losing the African American vote 94% – 0%, he is losing the Latino vote by more than 35 percentage points , it’s the weekend before his party gives him the nomination, he did not get a appreciable bump from picking neocon congressman Paul Ryan, actually the pick was negligible and rated even worse than the Palin pick, so what is a Mitt Romney to do with these numbers which just seem to be dormant , despite stagnant economic conditions? On the 15th of August of this year I wrote a log called Romney now signals that he wants race to be the factor in these elections, if you haven’t read it you should, I challenge you to read it because it seem that a lot of the things I say come to pass even sooner than I anticipate sometimes.

Mitt Romney went to the State of Michigan today August 24th and said this to the faithful in attendance.


Joe Biden said some time ago Romney wants minorities to show their papers in the state of Arizona, yet he won’t show his papers to the American people. Does this guy believe this is a winning strategy three days before the start of his convention?

I said Mitt Romney was the worst candidate for president I have ever seen, if that was an over-statement then, I would like to reaffirm those sentiments whole-heartedly today.

Mitt Romney has now decided that he can no longer hold back, decency , or pretence of it be damned,  so he’s now a “birther I mean it’s not like Romney was ever shy about cozying up to the most vile creatures, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump,Sean Hannity and every whack job on the extreme right , I take that back that is the republican party, there is no moderates in that party anymore, the party is now a vote suppression racist hang-out for the most vile extremists with the most convoluted and repugnant beliefs.

As I said before Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich were not shy about cozying up to the muse of late night comics , the orange-haired clown Donald Trump, in fact Romney, said on his campaign plane , quote” I don’t agree with everyone who supports me,and I am quite sure they don’t all agree with me but I need 50% plus one to win” .

What is behind Romney’s thinking , that would cause him to go publicly birther on Friday? Is Romney looking at the numbers and recognizing that he is getting O% of African-American votes, he’s likely to get less or just about the same percentage of the Latino votes John McCain got, 31%, so he needs to drive up the white vote even as his friends in governorships in  states across the nation, suppress and intimidate minority voters.

In states all across America Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, etal Republican Governors and legislators are putting in place tough voter suppression laws to suppress the vote and in some cases like Ohio intimidate voters even in polling boots through scare tactics, groups like and others are actively engaged in voter intimidation, under the pretext they are watching to ensure that there are no voter fraud, the only problem is that there are no voter fraud which would make them relevant or necessary.

They are positioning them to steal this election and place Mitt Romney into the presidency to represent the interest of the 1%.

There is a lot more for me to say on this subject and I will at another time, there is a tragedy brewing for African-Americans, not just for those born here but for others who have made this country their home, they have children here, built a life here , and many will retire and even die here, yet all we see are trivial inconsequential nothings all over Facebook , photographs depicting outlandish outfits and other matters of little or no concern, yet material information posted barely gets a read.

Those who would do us harm can count on us not reading , it is easy to account for an entire race if they refuse to read anything of substance.

African-Americans will continue to have a tough road to hoe, even under a second Obama term, God help us if there is a Romney term, 12 % of 308 million  is roughly over 36 million people yet 36 million people continue to exist in their own country as second class citizens because they refuse to matter.

God help us.