Everyone is absolutely free to support the candidate of their choice that is how things work in  a democracy.
Yet we are sometimes left scratching our heads when we hear the reasons some potential voters give for supporting a particular candidate.
When CNN asked an African American woman in a depressed section of north east Ohio who she believe will fix up her neighborhood she said Donald Trump.
Now neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump will do a damn thing about that woman’s neighborhood , if it is going to be  fixed it will be fixed by private entities not some president or other bureaucrat .

Which brings me to my most recent fixation, the black pastors whom have thrown their support to the new york self-styled billionaire Donald J Trump .
Look the Democratic party hasn’t exactly been a bastion of support for it’s most loyal voting block.
In fact a lot of the policies which have enhanced racial oppression against black Americans have been policies which the democrats either instituted or signed onto with Republicans. We certainly do not see many Democratic elected officials out there on the front lines with Black-lives-matter activists.
Neither have we seen a legislative agenda which would rein in aggressive, overzealous  and abusive police tactics, which in many cases are escalated from insignificant issues which needed no policing.
So Yes Democrats have been weasels, undeserving of the black vote , but even so,  Blacks absolutely have to vote democratic as a means of survival.
Republicans have been openly hostile and downright dangerous to the well-being of blacks in America.

Republican support for aggressive policing , it’s policies which openly discriminates against the community on generally all issues including the right to vote are well known.
In fact the party doesn’t even bother to pretend that it doesn’t hate blacks. The party and It’s support base actively pursue everything that is antithetical to the black community.
Which is why it is so stunning to see the list of black pastors who have lined up in support of Trump.

Pastor Mark Burns
Pastor Mark Burns



James Davis pastor in Ohio, Another of the coons who would sell the black community back into slavery all for a chance to sit at a table with Donald Trump.
James Davis pastor in Ohio,







I could write an epistle on whether these so called pastors are really called of God, but as the scriptures command I am going to let the wheat and the tares grow together until the day of harvest. I will always remember that God is the ultimate judge.
When we look at the hostility of the Republican party to the African American community,one has to wonder what exactly did Donald Trump give, or promise to give to these Pharisees?
Though Mark Burns and James Davis are not the only slave traders who are willing to sacrifice their congregation and as many others who are stupid enough to be influenced by them, they certainly have been two of the most vocal, conspicuous, and even vitriolic against the nation’s first African American President. They openly lie about his and his Administration’s record without batting an eye, or be guided by the constraints which would normally influence other men of the cloth.
Again if you are a pastor and you allow yourself to perpetuate lies I have serious doubts about your legitimacy but once again I will not judge.


Sufficing to say I will allow another man of the cloth to characterize the pastors who visited Trump Tower in New York City and met with the developer turned republican nominee for president.
Reverend Jamal Bryant referred to them as prostitutes. Speaking to the media after the pastors summit with Trump, Bryant and James Davis had a heated back and forth on CNN.
Reverend Bryant labeled Davis  a “pawn“.
I concur, I did too.
He labeled them prostitutes . So did I .

Davis insisted they had their voice heard plenty, dismissing Bryant’s concerns as just one of the liberal “minions” telling African-Americans who are open to non-liberal points of view to “get back on the plantation.”He even said Bryant should “probably have his ministerial credentials revoked. according to cnn.com.
When Davis challenged Reverend Bryant on the prostitute characterization the goodly reverend Bryant apologised stating   “I want to apologize, because prostitutes get money. And the 100 that went in there walked away with nothing, they did it for free.”
Now the latter part of Davis’ statement really had me laughing, the bow-tied enslaver wants the man who speak truth to be punished . Yet he who is openly out there politicking and trying to sell the gullible back into servitude shouldn’t ?
As a matter of fact are their churches still tax-exempt?


He he, I couldn’t agree with Reverend Bryant more . My only concern is, did they actually allow themselves to be used as props for a man who has a history of racial animus, bigotry and  hostility toward African-Americans, including the nation’s first black president for free?
I mean even Judas Iscariot got himself 30 pieces of silver for betraying Jesus Christ .
Many Religious historians argue that Judas saw Jesus work many miracles . As such they theorize that Judas Iscariot expected Jesus to command legions of Angels to come to his defense against his captors.


They tell us when it became clear that that was not going to happen Judas took the decision to hang himself out of guilt..
Jesus had supernatural powers which he chose not to use according to his father’s will.
Black -America has no supernatural powers, in fact it could reasonably be argued that because of the community’s splintered state it has no power at all.
So it’s important that the modern day Judas’ who would sell their congregations and anyone stupid enough to be swayed by them understand that there are no legions of Angels to come to the rescue of the people they are about to betray with a potential president Trump.
Judas may not have known but these modern day betrayers cannot claim they did not know.
They know………….