In the ensuing years since September 11th, 2001 the changes to our lives have been dramatic, in terms of what we perceived our rights to be. There  has been dramatic changes in how we board or travel on airplanes what we take on a flight, or even what we say whilst on a plane. Unfortunately since then we have also seen the Patriot Act drafted and passed under the Bush Administration. There are now secret courts set up to rubber stamp any actions the government see fit. This my friends is not Democracy, People are actually now afraid of the Government. The left  laugh at those on the right who make this argument, even as the government take more and more of our rights daily.

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There are revelations of the (NSA) National Security Council , farming emails and listening to the conversations of Americans. There are even discussions about the government’s right to kill Americans suspected of terrorism, on American soil , using unmanned aerial vehicles(drones). We are required to produce ID’s to purchase regular over- the-counter-medicines, as well as simply to enter certain buildings.

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Police Departments are now Para-military Agencies. At every turn there is evidence that life as we knew it is no more. So who won this so-called war on terror? Was the Killing Of Osama Bin Laden a victory? Or was it just an accelerant to continue this war that can have no end? How will the combatants know when they have won. Where will citizens of America be 5 or 10 years down the road if they continue to nod and smile as the Government takes more and more liberty away from them under the guise of protecting them?

Retired Marine Col. Pete Martino: “Is Everybody Blind?” The US “Is Building a Domestic Army!”

Retired Marine Col. Pete Martino voiced his concerns about the United States “building a domestic Army” during a local city council meeting in Concord, New Hampshire. Col. Marino believes that the current militarization of police forces is a real threat to Americans.

An entire generation has come of age since September 11th 2001, this generation have no concept of what a free society looked like.   As such it appears that this generation is much more likely to smile and shrug as more and more of their rights are abrogated. The older people are more inclined to buy into the argument that Government needs to take more rights to protect them.

Not to be outdone many companies are getting in on this mass hysteria propagated and promulgated by those with an axe to grind.  They are Capitalizing on the notion that there is an Existential threat to America from people who want to take their way of life away. Of course when it comes down to it these companies are in it solely for the money.

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The National Football League (NFL) has just decided to take away a little more of their fans rights by mandating the size of pocket books and bags which are allowed into their stadiums, starting this upcoming season. This new rule will obviously affect women more than it does men. They have however offered clear plastic totes to women of course for a price? What woman wants the contents of her pocket-book to be visible to everyone? My wife carries a mid-sized pocket-book. I can depend on her for some lotions when my elbows and knuckles are ashy. She obliges me with a handy pain reliever if I need one. There have been instances when I was able to source some well needed nuts and even drinking water from her pocket-book.

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The NFL now reportedly has a fan base which is 44% female, so they decided to sock it to the women in the name of Security. How about hiring competent people to ensure proper security? The NFL is a very rich Organization, how about putting in proper screening apparatus which would prevent terrorists bringing explosives and weapons into stadiums?


That would actually make sense, , just not dollars and cents. Women and the men who love them, should send the NFL a very strong message by staying away from their games. The NFL would receive the message loud and clear when it’s Teams play to empty stadiums. However if currents trends are a barometer of people’s  behavior, Stadiums will be overflowing with vociferous yet oblivious fans. Women will be there with smaller clear bags sold to them by the very National Football League. So the long march continues toward total Government domination and control of everything we do yet there is no outcry. The government at every level is aware of this and there are active preparations at very level to militarize every police department so that by the time the population opens it’s eyes to whats happening to it, it will be powerless to stop it.






  1. mike , Its unfortunate that it has to come to this , where persons constitutional rights might be infringed in the interest of national security . The reality is , the US citizenry , if needs be , needs to re-examine their position in light of the emerging threat to their very existence . Perhaps holding the government with a short leach might ensure that they do not go over board with their response to these threats . A robust and watchful media and civil society groups can ensure that . There have been wide scale consensus by US citizen to the implementation of pursued means necessary to prevent the execution of any threats, There have been empirical and scientific evidence to suggest this . Rest assured my friend , that the US is distance away from being a Police state .

    1. Quote:
      “Rest assured my friend , that the US is distance away from being a Police state” .
      Definition of a Police state.:
      A state in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic, and political life of the people, especially by means of a secret police force.source.(new online dictionary)
      How do we get to that definition?
      Government wiretap: Government trolling what websites we visit: what libraries we visit: listening to our phone calls:Locking up Journalists and people who disagree with their illegal activities(whistle blowers) Watching everything we do and say: Militarizing police departments:Locking up people under the guise of terrorism without giving them access to due process:
      Maintaining the right to kill citizens the government designate a terrorist:Torture: Rendering suspects to other countries to be tortured:………..
      Do you still believe that the US is distance away from being a Police state?

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