I have written about the need to repeal , review and re-authorize the INDECOM Act on succeeding days. There  has been lively debate on the subject on Social media. I have diligently sought to be balanced regarding the Law, acquiescing to the need for police oversight, while at the same time delineating out the bad parts of the law which needs fixing. I am heartened to see that there are other people involved in thinking through this issue rationally, not guided by hatred for law-enforcement or other personal vendettas.


Damion Crawford 

Tourism State Minister, Damion Crawford, has drawn the ire of Twitter users after calling for the closure of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM). http://go-jamaica.com/news/read_article.php?id=49118.@shavarstar @jaevionn INDECOM has & will continue to cause the police to not be proactive or even reactive but inactive.

True to form, this created  a firestorm from critics of the police surrounding the tweet much the same way they have argued with me. It would do critics of the police a great service to step back and  recognize this is not about the police it is about the security of an entire people. I have consistently called for rank and file police officers to stand down , not just because of the law, but because of the person heading the agency in question, who clearly has his own agenda.

Many who yelp the loudest at calls for a revamping and re-authorization of the law, have no interest in the problems the Act poses. Many have friends who have been taken out by police. Some have dirty hands. In fact many refuse to educate themselves about the Law and what’s in it, choosing to form opinions from other people’s comments, and their hatred for law enforcement. They refuse to do a line item assessment of the questions raised with this law. As such they have for all intents and purposes disqualified themselves as serious stake-holders in this debate.

One of the most common argument to come out of this debate is” Oh if the Cops are acting within the confines of the law what do they have to fear” ? This statement is rife with naivete’.

♦ Every case in which police uses lethal force is investigated with prosecutorial intent.  Not just cases where there are allegations of abuse. No other workers risk imprisonment simply for doing their job. Yet the brain-dead-head of INDECOM Terrence Williams points to the Netherlands as a source of precedent, claiming that it is unconstitutional for the police to actually investigate the killing of a citizen killed by police. What does Holland’s laws and practices have to do with Jamaica?

♦ Criminals force , coerce, pay , threaten and intimidate professional mourners to lie about seeing cops kill people in cold blood, generally there are incredible amounts of evidence which shows that none of the demonstrators could possibly have seen what they claim to have seen. This is the most lethal weapon criminal-dons have in their arsenal against law enforcement officers. Second is (JFJ’s ) smear campaign and (INDECOM’s)zealotry.

 The entirety of the law which seriously infringes officers rights, safety, and ability to do the job they are sworn to do, makes the law more of a problem than a solution to the issue of police excess.

What makes me piss angry is reading some of the garbage written by some of the know-nothings who pontificate about this issue while they live in countries where police officer are empowered and protected so they may do their jobs effectively. The fact is once criminals know that people stand behind their law enforcement officers they have a different attitude toward breaking the laws. Which enables societies to fine-tune civil and human rights safeguards, not the reverse.