Some of the images which emerged from a violent confrontation in Saint Catherine yesterday.
Information reaching us is sketchy thus far, as a result, we are unable at this time to verify what exactly occurred.
What we have learned is that the incident involved Police officers, one of whom has died.
We believe what we have learned so far is not the whole story and heroes may turn to villains before this is all over.

Preliminary indications are that an off duty police officer witnessed three of his colleagues who are on suspension kill a man at a dance at Chedwin Park in Saint Catherine early Sunday morning.
Even as that officer is being hailed as a hero in some quarters, we are not so sure as there have been rather conflicting events reaching us regarding this incident.

According to local media reporting, one of the alleged rogue cops was killed in the confrontation while two others were apprehended.
There is reporting that two of the alleged killer cops were already facing murder charges and were out on bail.
This Medium has consistently argued that there is no rational argument to be made for releasing murder suspects on bail if the society has an interest in reducing crime and improving the rule of law.

We have also maintained that the Government’s hamstringing of the police by the onerous and overzealous oversight would result in a chilling effect on law enforcement.
This would force out good career officers who did not sign up to go to prison for honoring their oaths and would inexorably end up opening up the force to more people with nefarious intent.
Well, sad to say we are at that place but they will never acknowledge these truths.
Because to acknowledge them would mean having to say we made a mistake and taking remedial action and they are far too arrogant to do that.