Murders Spike In St James — Western Parish Sees Increase In Killings Despite Dip In National Figures

With less than six months gone in the year, the parish of St James has already record­ed more than 100 mur­ders, police sta­tis­tics have revealed.

Following a year when the parish saw more than 210 mur­ders, the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s (JCF) lat­est Periodic Serious and Violent Crime Review shows that 103 per­sons have been report­ed killed in St James between January 1 and last week­end.

This is a 27 per cent jump when com­pared with the 81 mur­ders record­ed in St James over the cor­re­spond­ing peri­od last year.

This devel­op­ment comes near­ly one year after more than 200 addi­tion­al police per­son­nel were deployed to the parish to stem the ris­ing crime rate.

According to the JCF sta­tis­tics, St James is one of sev­en police divi­sions that have report­ed increased mur­ders so far this year. The oth­ers are St Ann, which saw a 39 per cent jump; St Mary, which report­ed a 25 per cent increase; Clarendon, which had a 23 per cent jump; Trelawny, which record­ed a 13 per cent increase; St Andrew Central, which had a four per cent increase; and Westmoreland, which record­ed a three per cent increase.

Despite this, the data show that there has been a two per cent decline nation­al­ly in the num­ber of per­sons report­ed killed.

It shows that 492 mur­ders have been record­ed across all 19 police divi­sions, 10 few­er than the 502 record­ed for the cor­re­spond­ing peri­od last year.

Except for shoot­ings, which inched up by five per cent, the JCF sta­tis­tics also show that all oth­er cat­e­gories of seri­ous and vio­lent crime have decreased by between 18 and 40 per cent.

National Security Minister Robert Montague said Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams and his team should be cred­it­ed for the fall-off in seri­ous crimes but cau­tioned against com­pla­cen­cy. Read more here: http://​jamaica​glean​er​.com/​a​r​t​i​c​l​e​/​l​e​a​d​-​s​t​o​r​i​e​s​/​2​0​1​6​0​6​0​8​/​m​u​r​d​e​r​s​-​s​p​i​k​e​-​s​t​-​j​a​m​e​s​-​w​e​s​t​e​r​n​-​p​a​r​i​s​h​-​s​e​e​s​-​i​n​c​r​e​a​s​e​-​k​i​l​l​i​n​g​s​-​d​e​s​p​ite