My Response To Horace Levy:

FLAT-TOP-FADE 039I believe that you fundamentally care about what you do at the peace management initiative. I think you are shaped by your experiences, I must inform you that despite whatever successes you may have achieved from your organization’s efforts, what you do is not a replacement for the rule of law. Criminals must pay for their crimes, it is through tough punitive measures imposed by society that the delicate balance between anarchy and civility is maintained. You have been known to argue that a large percentage of what the Police characterize as Gangs in our country are in fact what you call ” corner crews”.

With all due respect even if we are to accept your corner-crew designation as a legitimate alternative moniker , I must inform you that said corner crews and Gangs would not be, and aren’t mutually exclusive. You have a job to do, do your job, stay out-of-the-way of law enforcement.

I know that it is common for those who(“eat the proverbial food”” in situations as yours, feel that the way to continue to eat that food is through the demonizing of the police. I must also inform you that you are not doing neither yourself nor Jamaica any good through your actions. The rule of law is going nowhere, it will be there ;long after you and I are gone, or I shudder at what will obtain. Do your job and lament the innocent lives lost at the hands of the scumbag predatory monsters who prey on the weak. You have been at this demagoguery long enough. Just do what you can and let the rule of law do what it is supposed to do, and if that means eradicating murderous urban scum, then so be it. What are the police supposed to do? Are the police supposed to beg criminals not to shoot at them, are they supposed to refuse to fire back at criminals out of fear that they may kill too many criminals?

I suggest that you prepare and make public a detailed proposal that you feel should replace the measures which Police Agencies use all over the World when they are confronted with life and death decisions.Those decisions in most cases must be made in a fraction of a second.  Failing to  provide such a detailed proposal, I strongly suggest that you confine yourself to whatever it is you are educated or trained  in, if anything.

Of note is your total failure/refusal to mention the innocent Jamaicans whom have been slaughtered, not just since the start of this year but between the years 2001 to 2008, 2001-2008

Reported Cases of
Murder : 10, 836
Shootings : 11,229
Rape and Carnal
Abuse: 9119

Not one word from you about the innocent people killed, I suggest you and your friend Carolyn Gomez be very careful, criminals do not care who they kill, you are not immune, they will kill you too. Take care of what you understand and leave Law Enforcement to those trained and tasked with it.

Sincerely: Michael A Beckles: