Alabama QB Jalen Hurts
Clemson’s , Deshaun Watson.


Its easy in the excitement of National collegiate football finals to miss a very important fact.
Both quarterbacks in this highly anticipated football game are African-American. Neither ESPN the sporting world’s medium , or any of the other networks will bother to highlight this little fact.

What you will hear much about is  the genius of Alabama’s coach Nick Saban (much deserved ) and Clemson”s Dabo Swinney.
We are not in the business of predicting winners and losers in college football .
Neither do we begrudge these two fantastic head-coaches.
But since they won’t bother to expand or expound on this little fact, even the black analysts, sheesh , particularly the black analysts >
So we just though we would bring this little nugget up.

We just thought that you will hear the names of these two outstanding young athletes a lot. But no no one will bother to tell you that in the big wide world of American collegiate football these two standouts just happen to be black.
Enjoy the game …….