INDECOM  said in many of their investigations, they have found that the conduct of the officers was proper. 

So said Terrence Williams head of the Independent commission of Investigations, (INDECOM), and a media glutton. Williams was responding to questions during a committee meeting in Parliament. He said the investigative body had issued some 200 reports and at the end of its probes, a “minority” had been recommended for prosecution.during a committee meeting in Parliament..

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At the same time the JCF and the JCF is demanding that the powers of INDECOM conflicts with the powers of the Commissioner of police and and the chief of defense staff to properly run their respective agencies.

In effect the bill was not properly thought out researched or debated in my estimation and as such INDECOM’ s head , who is actually a commissioner himself is empowered to order the police commissioner and/or the head of the JDF to implement  changes to their respective agencies, even though Williams have no training or knowledge how either agency functions.

That aside, this report literally exonerate cops . Criminal rights advocates have labeled  killing of dangerous criminals ,extra-judicial killings. Irrespective of the legitimacy of police actions in taking out dangerous mass-murderers, JFJ, the largest criminal rights advocacy group operating on the Island ,has been on the forefront, lambasting cops for allegedly abusing citizens, usually without one scintilla of evidence.

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Head of criminal rights group JFJ Carolyn Gomes:

Head of the criminal lobby Carolyn Gomes and her second in command Susan Goffe who spear-head criminal enabling in Jamaica under the guise of human rights , are noticeably, yet predictably silent in light of this report. This is not the kind of news Gomes and Goffe wants or needs. The biggest dilemma for these  two bleeding heart charlatans, is that they cannot discredit the commissioner of INDECOM as they would the previous oversight agency that preceded INDECOM.

This guy Williams is their guy, their plant, their stooge, yet he cannot manufacture evidence, that would be a serious felony. This poses a problem for Gomes and Goffe, how will the foreign money keep coming, if the police are not killing people extra-judicially, as they have lied to everyone who cared to listen.

This is indeed interesting, if these two lying frauds open their mouths about this report, they will find a way to take credit for the positives enshrined within the report. They will tell you it is because of their vigilance that cops aren’t illegally killing people. You can hide from a thief, you cannot hide from a liar.