police officer's funeral
police officer’s funeral

The  National neighborhood Watch Movement in Jamaica has come out in support of the verdict which led to the incarceration of Vybez Kartel and his three co-accused. In a  statement the groups said: “We also want to place on record our commendation to the main witness in the case, who, in spite of the imminent danger and the ‘informer fi dead’ culture that has hampered the growth and progress of the neighborhood watch movement in the past, made the courageous decision to step up and give evidence in the matter.” We are in total agreement with the NWM, for standing in support of the main witness in this case, and having the courage and fortitude to speak out, not only in support of the verdict,  but standing against the moronic (infama  fi ded ) culture. I have commented extensively in these Blogs on this trial,  not out of animus for these particular convicted men. I do not know any of them, what forms the subject of my ire, is the continued and unabated bloodletting, which must come to an end. I would have liked to see more and more Organizations and individuals stand and defend the rule of law. Notwithstanding, it is heartening that the NWM has made it’s voice heard.  Just today I had a long conversation with a 21 year old police officer who emigrated to the United States recently. Someone sent him to see me, we sat and talked for awhile, I learned that he served at the Mobile Reserve, as I did for a while.

officers braving the bullets daily
officers braving the bullets daily

It was refreshing to listen to this fresh-faced kid talk about how he wanted to serve. He quizzed me about how come people do not assault American Cops? He lamented the fact that people think it’s perfectly okay to fight Jamaican officers. He spoke of his disgust when people back home talk about American cops like they were Angels. He laughingly pointed out how that misconception conflicted with the realities as he saw them. He confided to  me that young Officers are not willing to risk their freedom to arrest crime, with no support from anyone. I have a feeling the crime numbers will continue to be high as long as the police is shackled.