Netanyahu Blatant Play For War With Iran On American Dime.

As the United States gears up for another Presidential Election, we are once again exposed to just how nasty and undignified those who seek political power can be.

The Republican party operatives  who refer to themselves as  Conservatives have long adopted the posture of the Daddy Party, they took on the mantra of protector of American values and ideals, they  promulgated that farce to the extent that Democrats retreated and did not  contest even the premise of that fraudulent notion

Democrats resigned themselves to being the Mommy party,  looking out for the poor and disadvantaged  in the areas of Civil Rights in the 60’s and 70″,fighting to ensure that Government gave a hand up to those in need or down on their luck, they  labored  to provide Health Care without success until the emergence of Barack Obama.

Republicans were content to wrap themselves in the American Flag and wage wars, to the detriment of the country.

The problem with the position of Republicans is that their very premise was a farce, they are and always were Conservatives only when Democrats had the reins of Government.

Ronald Reagan the name that gets bandied about as the holy grail of modern Republican Conservatism, yet Reagan raised taxes, ran deficits , started a war, and did everything Republicans rail against today. Ronald Reagan would have been ran out of the Tea Party dominated republican party  of today, much the same way they are chasing out Olympia Snowe, they got rid of Arlen Spectre, and tried to run Dick Lugar and others out.

The Republican Party of Colin Powell and Chuck Hagel does not exist anymore, it is populated by the likes of John Bolton , Rudolph Giuliani , Dick Cheyney, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin,Sean Hannity and others of that ilk, generally the rabid dogs of racial hatred.

I mean, you cannot make this up , how can one political party have so many intellectually bankrupt individuals, where do all of these retards come from? Why are they all lumped into that party which is now a cesspool of lies and racial hatred, ?

They have latched on to a demographic within this country who wax nostalgic about the past when people not like them were not considered people. Not all of them are white ,some are inbred self hating mongrels, however all of them are diseased, rabid  charlatans.

This is the party Mitt Romney now leads, a party which has lurched violently to the right, a party which must pose grave concerns for all those who love this country, Independents and intellectuals . Everyone so minded must be concerned for this democracy if this is the path this party of Lincoln is going to continue on.

The American racial makeup is changing and it is changing to brown,not white, the policies and utterances of the republican party functionaries are synonymous to a wounded animal being hunted in a habitat being destroyed around it daily.

It risks being a Southern Party of fearful white men who long for the days when they had total control of everyone and everything.

Many elected officials in the republican party has more allegiance to the State of Israel than they do to the United States, at least while Barack Obama is president.

They gave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a standing ovation in the US House of Representatives after he overstepped his bounds and got cheeky with the president of the United States in the White House.President Obama should have ordered him out on that instance but he didn’t.

Republican Candidate for President, Mitt Romney and Netanyahu worked together and are great friends, it is no wonder that Netanyahu has injected himself in a most brazen and disrespectful way in the American elections on behalf of Mitt Romney.

Netanyahu is a bully who believes that the only opinion that matters is his opinion, he also knows the Mitt Romney is an empty suit whom he can manipulate to do his dirty work.

Benjamin Netanyahu knows that president Obama will not be manipulated into another war, much less a war on Israels’s behalf. Netanyahu wants a war with Iran, he knows he has less than two months leverage with president Obama, either way that leverage is out the door after the American elections.

Netanyahu lashed out at the American president for not establishing clear red lines for Iran, the truth is the Israeli leader wants Obama to make threats which will inevitable force him to take military action against the Iranian people.

President Obama has established  that he will not be drawn into a war that the American people have no appetite for, and damn sure will not start a war because Benjamin Netanyahu says so.


I have always wondered what was the source of the influence Israel has on the United States, separate and apart from the talking points of our” our greatest ally in the middle east”?

How can 7. 7 million people have such control over 308 million ?

Our tax dollars are commandeered and sent to Israel, they have nuclear weapons yet no other country are allowed to have them outside the major players , the United States, England, France, Russia, China, India, and Pakistan.

Benjamin Netanyahu wants to force President Obama into a war which they will then condemn him for later.