The legacy of their collective cowardice and bigotry will  forever be embedded in history for posterity.



The NFL is a league which is made up of over 70% black men, yet today the NFL codified into its rules, bigotry and the suppression of its member’s 1st amendment rights, even though those rights are inherently guaranteed in the constitution of the United States.


First amendment to the US Constitution:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


Every company or business have a right to establish a code of ethics for its employees yet those ethical codes cannot supersede the constitutional guarantees established under the Constitution of the United States.
Yet that is exactly what the all-white NFL  billionaire owners decreed, essentially reducing over 1200 African-American men to nothing more than mute black bodies to be exploited for  financial gain.



In a disgraceful act of cowardice, NFL owners with the abstention of the owner of the San-Francisco 49ers and without any representation from the players union , decided that teams may choose to remain off the field while the national anthem is being played.
However, if teams and or players are on the field when they anthem is being played and they take a knee the team will be fined $15’000.
To his credit, the owner of the New York Jets has said he will assume payment of the fine if his players decide to take a knee or assume any other form of protest.

Trump is the hate which the Republican hate machine created.

In a shocking capitulation to Donald Trump’s bigotry wrapped in a flimsy yet transparent veneer of faux patriotism, this bunch of NFL owners will be recorded in history as the despicable bunch of racist inconsequential bums that they truly are.
Whether it is bottom-line or these billionaires are simply rich slimebuckets is inconsequential.
The legacy of their collective cowardice and bigotry will  forever be embedded in history for posterity.

Each and every one of those black NFL players has white teammates, white agents, white friends, some have white wives, white girlfriends, they move in circles of white associates.
Where are those white friends now?
Colin Kaepernick took a knee to highlight the rampant, egregious and murderous assault on black men, black women, black children by police who are paid by their tax dollars to protect them.



Since Kaepernick’s initial protests, hundreds of black people have been murdered and seriously maimed by race soldiers, the military wing of white supremacy who commit these atrocities under the cover of law.
I have long maintained that it’ is lunacy to appeal to the better angels of your oppressor to turn around and be decent human beings.
The challenge for Black people, not just in America but everywhere across the globe in which they encounter racist whites is to understand whats going on and to divorce themselves from the misguided notion that a Leopard will change its spot.


Well over a year ago I took the decision never to watch another NFL game ever again, as long as Colin Kaepernick was not reinstated.
It was enough for me that the league would try to suppress the voice of an employee because he dared to speak out against bigotry which is demonstrably murdering innocent people.

I did not need to see it codified into rules to make that decision. I did not watch one minute of even one game last season. For me, the NFL has long been dead. The lie that viewership went down because white people are mad at the actions of Kaepernick and others is part of the falsehoods and misinformation which has taken over our existence.
Nevertheless, as I said last year, the actions of black people will not change any. Blacks will continue on watching and cheering as if nothing happened.



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