No Contest Debate !

Andrew Holness outshone Portia Simpson Miller in the debates last night , it was clear from the start that Portia was out of her elements .Portia stumbled out of the gates fumbling with papers that seem to hold the answers to the questions which they had access to before the charade of what passed for a debate aired. Never mind that the so-called moderator , rude and talkative took up most of the time which should have been spent by the candidates explaining to the Jamaican people how they intended to improve their lives.

Most importantly I thought her body language toward the Prime Minister was un-becoming and petty, but this is to be expected of Portia Simpson Miller, whom it seem is too old to get it.So it was for her old school politics as usual minus the tracing but an over abundance of the overt animus. 

JLP Leader Prime Minister Andrew Holness and PNP president Portia Simpson Miller

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Miller reverted to saying over and again “when we are returned to power” which seem at least to me to be the only thing she cared about. What struck me most was when the question was posed to her about whether her plan to redirect funds from JDIP a programme that  creates jobs to the PNP’s JEEP , would not just be shuffling jobs around she denied it. The JEEP programme that the PNP wants to introduce if they are returned to elected office is nothing more than a recreation of crash programme. Simpson Miller all but said this in the debates with Holness. She kept alluding to wanting a government with a heart, and her words were that she would like to see drains and gullies cleaned, .I’m no expert on politics but wasnt this what happened in the seventies? Didn’t we see the same crash programme mentality literally bankrupt the country? Why should Jamaicans allow themselves to be coaxed into a regressive policy of siphoning money from legitimate infrastructural developement , which employs Jamaicans by the way, to a tried and failed policy of “having a heart”, leaning on a broom and receiving a check . When are Jamaicans going to realize that every generation will have to swallow hard medicine if the future is to be better for their children? When are Jamaican voters going to walk away from the politics of expediency, the politics of now, the “eat a food ‘ mentality?  Any argument about waste and corruption in JDIP is a legitimate one that ought to be investigated thoroughly, after all we have seen a government minister step down as a result of the unearthing of these allegations of excesses by the Auditor General , clearly where there is smoke there is fire. This however does not mean that a programme of infrastructural developement should in any way be interfered with to satisfy a regressive policy of pork barrel spending to appease political hacks and dependents. It is the ultimate vote-buying policy, which runs counter to what the PNP and it’s leaders say they are opposed to.

Gays in cabinet

On the question of Gays potentially serving in a Simpson Miller cabinet , Miller retorted that she is not into getting into people’s private businesses, and as such she would not tolerate any discrimination against gays in a Simpson-Miller government . This is the answer Washington wants to hear it is the answer London wants to hear, it is the answer JFLAG wants to hear in fact the latter was already on recording commending Miller for her position as soon as the Gleaner was published Wednesday December 21st. But let’s step back and see what the Jamaican people overwhelmingly wants. Most Jamaicans are vehemently opposed to homosexuality, whether one agrees with that position or not a majority of 2.8 milllion people have a right to self-determination, no one is going into houses seeking out gays to be burned at the stake, Jamaicans however have a right to say we are opposed to this lifestyle , we do  not want it and we will not be told what to like by imperialist powers that does not share our values. Millers response was a clear and unequivocal pandering aimed at vote harvesting, in her zeal to pander to that repugnant un-Jamaican counter-culture and break our established laws she has solidly casted the PNP as the party of gays and lesbians, the party that opened up Jamaica to deviancy and ungodliness, the majority of Jamaicans be dammed.

The majority of PNP supporters are diametrically opposed to homosexuality, so who does Miller and her party represent in this pandering? Who does the PNP represent in this un-Jamaican position? Where is the church in this , are they going to remain silent on this very burning issue ?  Is the church going to do its job, politics aside and tell  it’s congregations about the evils of homosexuality and the danger inherent in opening the door to sodomy? We shall see.

Political ads.

The JLP was rebuffed in an effort to air an advertisement showing Portia Simpson Miller ranting about not being afraid of anyone, anytime anywhere by the mini gods at the Gary Allen led RJR group, under the guise that the ad conflicted with its policy of airing advertisements that meets a certain standard. What Jamaicans and indeed the world is unaware of is who the hell gives these minions the right to decide for 2.8 million people living in the country what gets aired or doesn’t? The Airwaves are owned by the people not by Allen. Every child’s action becomes part of their permanent record , it determines what institution of higher learning that child will be allowed to enter , it dictates what jobs that child will be allowed to have when he/she grows up , yes and that’s for children. Why is it that the politicos who run the media houses in our little country believe they should dictate who the voters choose? Miller made those comments out of her own mouth, in public , they were not doctored or changed , she made them as an adult. Can someone please explain to me why she should be shielded from the consequences of her actions, and why are so many willing to allow her below mediocrity persona to be pushed aside so that she can have what she feels is her birth right, or as her freudian slip indicated , so that she can be crowned Queen of Jamaica.

I don’t know about you but that showed me exactly how her mind works, it’s always been about Portia.