Peter Phillips the recently installed leader of the Opposition in Jamaica really has nothing going for him so he decided he will simply oppose any and everything that the Government does or says.
Now, to be fair to the People’s National Party no one could reasonably accuse them of being anything close to a law and order party.
In fact, under their longest serving and the Island’s most destructive Prime Minister Percival James Patterson, the mantra was “anyting a anyting“, a classic wink and nod to criminals to run-wid-it, do what they wanted.


Peter Phillips opposition leader

So it came as no surprise that the old tun back rasta Peter Phillips would be opposed to the idea of reining in INDECOM.
Now, granted that Prime Minister Andrew Holness does not have clean hands, or more like clean conscience in this, he at least has a disgruntled Police Force on his hands, angry about the lack of progress with wage negotiations.
With over 500 cops walking away each year and the JCF unable to reach recruitment targets Holness has no choice but to kiss some asses.
So he arrived at his come to Jesus moment at the National Arena a few days ago telling supporters that the police are afraid to do their jobs because of an overzealous INDECOM.
No shit !!!

It follows that Peter Phillips with no plan of his own or any intention of having a plan for crime, except to watch it escalate would oppose what Holness said. It made good politics for the brain-dead cool-aid drinkers who blindly follow Phillips cult party but is his position sound policy?
Peter Phillips went on to argue that since he was a boy he heard about name brand cops and that their claim to fame was because they were violent.

No Peter, you troll, the name brand cops of whom you speak were in fact not violent at all contrary to popular perceptions.
Ask around about Keith Trinity Gardiner, Dick Hibbert, the dearly departed Tony Hewitt, (Cornwall Bigga Ford one of yours) and a long list of others and people will tell you they were effective because they were fearless, selfless and tireless, something you would not know about as a politician you are the opposite, simply cowardly, lazy and selfish.
Ask them how many times they have been shot and shot at, rest in peace Anthony Hewitt?
Your feeble attempt at rewriting history shows you for the rapacious graceless punk that you are, just another greasy despicable power hungry troll.

Which brings me to why the PNP would have you as their leader when you already betrayed the party and indeed our country to foreign powers.
Come on Peter Phillips do you think we have forgotten?
Remember those MOU’s you signed?
The highly classified MOUs, which involve Jamaica, the United States (US), and the United Kingdom (UK), were signed by Phillips in 2004.
Though Phillips argued that he had authority to sign the MOU’s  Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Jeremy Taylor at the time under cross-examination, testified that the MOUs involved the military and should have had the signature of the then minister of defense, P.J. Patterson, and not Phillips.

Have PNP supporters forgotten this little incident?
You see Mister Phillips you cannot be trusted and everyone knows this, so let’s be clear, you have zero credibility on National Security or on crime for that matter.
You sold the country down the river before, so no one is surprised that you would take a raw political stance on a matter this important again.


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