We know the statistics we know what has been tried.
What we also know, is that what has been tried in crime control has not been working and for good reason.
The carnage on the streets.The multiple killings. The sense of lawlessness which have police standing by helpless as rioters do as they please. The use of Government Agencies as tools of self-aggrandizement and personal vendettas. And don’t forget the inevitable travel advisories.

It all sounds like an ungovernable Serengeti, and to a certain extent it is but is it too far gone?
I don’t think so!
But if there is not a change in direction there will come a time in the not too distant future when we will have passed the point of no return.
The question I continue to ask however is at what point will the nation’s leaders say we do not want any more spilled blood.
At what point will decency and character trump political considerations?

Rresidents vs Police

Police vs Residents in St. Mary

Posted by Pinkwall on Friday, January 12, 2018



There is a general consensus among many Jamaicans both at home and in the diaspora that the Government is not interested in solving the nation’s crime dilemma. Neither is the political opposition, it may reasonably be argued that the reason our crime problem has been so intransigent and intractable is as a direct result of how politicians have injected themselves into law enforcement.
The most recent example being the appalling example we were forced to witness in Boscobel Saint Mary.

I do agree that certainly from some of the Prime Minister’s utterances it could reasonably be construed that he is anti-police and by extension against a resolution to the country’s crime problem.
The Political Opposition must also take responsibility for its constitutional role in government, even from its side of the chamber.
It cannot be a zero-sum game for the PNP which sees it’s role in Jamaica either as the governing party or the party which sabotages whatever the ruling party does.

As a consequence, there must be a change in the way the two parties view government and their roles whether in Government or opposition,as integral parts of the governing structure.
If we can accomplish that paradigm shift, if only in how they perceive their roles as servants of our country we may begin to have a consensus on how the existential issue of crime has to be approached.

I left Law enforcement in Jamaica as a young adult after 10 years in service to my country.
Today almost 27 years later, the images which grace regular and social media of police operational procedures and processes seem far more regressive and irrational than when I walked away in 1991.

The constant second-guessing. Demonizing. Politicizing. Persecution. Morale killing. and other negatives thrown at the police in addition to their antiquated training and lack of legislative and moral support has done much to create the Jamaica which exists today.
What the experts and the talking heads haven’t figured out is that the country’s progress is in its own hands. Progress comes from a stable low crime society.

ACP Norman Heywood commanding officer i/c Police Area 2…

Jamaica is neither stable or low crime, as a result, any talk of prosperity must be seen even at its best to be hyped rhetoric.
There are some serious questions which we must receive answers to. Those answers will give us a window into the real reasons why the crime problem in Jamaica is like an intractable cough which is regressing into pneumonia.

Why is it that an Assistant Commissioner of Police[the one pictured here Norman Heywood] arrived on the scene on the Boscobel main road and saw a litany of crimes being committed and did absolutely nothing?
Why was traffic allowed to pile up totally inconveniencing the public while a senior police commander stood by like one of the anarchists?
The pile-up of traffic which occurred last week in Boscobel inconvenienced many people, it effectively shut down commerce and inexorably cost countless Jamaicans who had nothing to do with those lawless anarchists in that town immense financial and other harm.

Scenes from the pile-up on new years day.

It is no different than the pile-up on the road to the Norman Manley International Airport a week earlier.It is no different than the constant blocking of roads which in addition to the rampant crime is destroying the economic and human life of the Island.

What was the paper police  Norman Heywood afraid of why he did nothing to stop the incidents of crime while the junior officers there with him were itching to uphold their oath?
Why did it take a politician [Robert Montague’s] arrival to quell the lawless anarchy we saw play out in front of our eyes.

Why do politicians continue to offer themselves up as buffers between the police and the criminals knowing it has the effect of causing those who break the laws to have no respect for the police?
What is it in the system that the world does not know which causes a senior police commander to abdicate his sworn duty?
Was it fear, if so fear of whom?
Was it a sense of not knowing what to do [as I suspect is the case] with these paper cops who got into the police department because they earned a degree somewhere and are given command?

Robert Montague minister of national security


On taking command of Police Area two in September of last year the hapless Norman Heywood told a gathering at the Evansville Conference Centre in St Ann’s Bay attended by National Security Minister Robert Montague that police in the area will be operating using the ‘Three-R’ approach — rapid response, respect, and reassurance.

Neither of those characteristics was visible in the actions of ACP  Norman Heywood’s actions or lack thereof.
But Heywood’s lack of leadership [which I must admit makes me pissing mad] is directly in line with the philosophy of his colleague DCP Clifford Blake who delivered an entire lecture to junior traffic cops on the virtues of rolling over and turning a blind eye instead of enforcing the nation’s traffic laws.

Dr. Morais Guy PNP member of parliament for the constituency in which Boscobel falls.

Even as the nation’s crime increases and murders continue to terrify the population eliciting travel advisories from foreign nations, the Island’s top law enforcement officers are teaching passivity and rolling over to lawlessness.
The Police Commissioner must tell the nation whether or not this is the new direction of the police force so that citizens can know not to expect protection from the anarchists and murderers.

This new breed of police leadership teaches respect, and human rights but zero enforcement of the nation’s laws.
Their stupid philosophy is exactly from the playbook of former Jamaican’s for Justice head Carolyn Gomez, that the role of police is to observe human rights.
|There are more than enough safeguards to protect human rights so much so that now there is no enforcement of the laws.
The rights of the most blood drenched criminal now supercedes the fundamental right to life an innocent Jamaican previously had.

Carolyn Gomes former head of JFJ

It is the same playbook that Owen Ellington allowed to be instituted across the police force.  It criminalizes and demonizes Esprit -de-corp, the universal concept of brotherhood shared by military and police organizations across the Globe.
It is a concept those who never signed up or volunteered for anything can never understand.  A concept which has been eviscerated and demagogued in Jamaica by a baby doctor out of her league.

What we want to know is who was behind that demonstration which rendered Norman Heywood impotent? Who rendered him unable to do his job as a commander? Why did he not immediately take command of the scene and have the men and women under his command issue directives to persons gathered there to immediately move to the sidewalks or face being forcibly dispersed?

Citizens have a right to peaceably gather and air their grievances against their government or whatever they are aggrieved by.
They have no right to block roads and prevent the free flow of traffic, inconveniencing and endangering the general public in the process.

After those commands are issued if they refuse the batons and tear gas immediately comes out and end the nonsense.
We must get back to enforcing the laws.
As much as I loathe these two parliamentary representatives I do not believe any of them had anything to do with Heywood’s abdication of his oath.
As such the Commissioner of Police must determine whether ACP’Norman Heywood dereliction of duty is representative of the police force he wants to lead for the duration of time he has at the helm of this department.




3 thoughts on “Norman Heywood’s Dereliction Of Duty A Disgrace And A Stain On The Constabulary…

  1. The reason why the police allow the people to behave in the manner that you see it is that the system is designed for them and against the police; and the people have a law enforcement agency named: Indecom that are friends of criminals and enemy of the police force!
    Indecom can go to the police officers police stations or private quarters and arrest and charged them for anything without a substantial amount of evidence.
    The lawlessness, obnoxious, belligerent, angry, aggressive, and threatening behavior by the people it is because they can do it and in the end get reward [monetary payment] from the Jamaican government. If the Muslim terrorists are doing their research and want to set up their camp, Jamaica is the best place to do same.
    In May 2010, we saw on our Cable TV’s (MSNBC, CNN, Fox NEWS and others) women dressed in white clothing marching along Spanish Town Road, Kingston, Jamaica. The women have placards threatening the Jamaican government, security forces and the people of Jamaica by saying “Jesus Christ died for our sins, and we are willing to die for Dudus!”
    The man that the women were marching and showing their solidarity, commonality, and cohesion for, is for the convicted drug-dealer and don “Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.” He was wanted on an American warrant for crimes committed in America via cell-phone conversations that the FBI and DEA recorded with the assistance of the Jamaican Constabulary Force.
    Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke and his minions forced the country into hibernation, and the populace went into hiding.
    The security forces went into Tivoli Gardens, Kingston to executed the warrant on “Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke. And they were confronted by men armed with various high powered weapons and they had a shoot-out [war] for three days ensued. In the end, three members of the security forces died and about 80 gunmen.
    Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was captured, extradited, and pled guilty in the US Federal Court in New York and was sentenced to 23 years hard labor. He is in a low-level security prison in North Carolina.
    The current Jamaican Labor Party government and their cronies, member of the PNP party and their members of parliament declared WAR against the Jamaican Security Forces. Their war was especially declared against the Jamaican Constabulary Force for helping the Americans gathered evidence against their main supporter Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke and caused them to extradited to America.
    The government promised the criminals, their financiers, supporters, and benefactors that they are going to make sure that the police pay for what they have done to Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke. Thereby enacting a law called “Indecom.” Indecom is a law enforcement agency, but it is a criminal protector and the police persecutors and harassers!
    Since Indecom has launched, it is the best payback for the Jamaican criminals and the agency that has caused several police officers to become “paupers, beggars, indigents, and bankrupt” due to the aggressiveness and tactics by this agency, Indecom.
    The former PNP government wasted the Jamaican tax payer’s money by installing a Commission of Inquiry. At the end of the inquiry, the report aimed and blamed the police force for everything that happened during the so-called incursion/Invasion of Tivoli Gardens, Kingston to arrest Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke!
    Sometime In late 2017, the current Prime Minister St. Andrew Holiness of Jamaica apologized to the People of Tivoli Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica for the INCURSION/INVASION of their community by the security forces.
    The Jamaican Labor Party government have put aside several millions of dollars to compensate the same people who have demonstrated before the international camera lens. Expressing their willingness to die for a man who is now a convicted felon in an American prison.
    The three members of the security forces lost their lives, during this operation [war]. To date, there are no apologies from the government for them losing the lives or any consoling words for their families. Much less the little pittance [money] that the Jamaican government should have paid their families, and they are still waiting on the money.
    Based on what happened the Jamaican people know that the government is there to support, condone, embrace, protect, and reward them for their behavior, and that is what these people are doing.
    The Jamaican police are impotent, incapable, lacking the resources, support, and leadership fo the Jamaican government to do their job effectively, without fear, or affection, malice or ill-will.
    Where in the world do you know that the government support, embrace, protect, and promote criminals, much less apologize, reward, and love them? Only in Jamaica, because Jamaica is a criminals paradise in the Caribbean Sea and the Somali in the making!
    The police officer who is in charge is afraid of his own shadow, and he is not into anything to do with Indecom, let the people do as they like…This is the Jamaica the people are living, and a majority of them are living like hostages because the government has created artificial borders and given men the powers to govern these communities with their sets of laws.
    To show you the fruits of the obnoxious, belligerent, and raucous behavior by Jamaicans, check the Homeland Security website and see of all the Caribbean Nationals, which country leads in deportation? Jamaica!
    The forecast for the Jamaican society is looking very bleak, and by the time these boasie slaves realized what’s happening some of them are going to be casualties of their inactions. The amount of guns that are in the hands of idlers in Jamaica is unbelievable, and the criminals know that they are winning because they are watching the news and see what they can do and get away with, so they keep pushing the envelope. The big stop is going to be Jamaica House or Gordon House one, mark my word! The worse is yet to come.

  2. Why you go there and stop them before you make your senseless comments check amount of police officers were there comparing to hostile citizens kmdt

  3. This article is trash and baseless sensational garbage because if the police had acted to command the scene with any rashness you’d see it escalate the situation and everyone talking about police brutality

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