We have been on this story before Jamaican media got wind of it. We reported on it factually and we said that the comments attributed to Joel Hamilton, (if the voice on the recording was in fact, his voice), demonstrated (1) that he does not belong in the JCF, (2) that he has scant regard for the JCF as an institution,(3) he has even less regard for the men and women of the JCF whom he just got promoted/appointed to join and lead.
We said that we would not elevate that disrespectful outburst on this site and we stand by that decision.
Nevertheless, the following letter released by Hamilton today is a clear and unequivocal confirmation that the voice note in which Hamilton berated the JCF and members of that Agency was repugnant and utterly disrespectful.
We believe that on that basis this man has no right to the rank and definitely should not be in the JCF.


Even worse, we listened to the Commissioner of Police as he addressed members of the JCF on the issue and the takeaway is that Anderson spoke a lot of words but essentially said very little.
He argued that he was not sure what the uproar was about, a clear indication that they expected this to simply slip by without any noise from members of the JCF.
After all, why would he not expect this to pass muster, the Police are not exactly known for standing up for themselves.
The disingenuous thing ultimately, is that Anderson’s assertion that everyone thought he would have brought along a whole group of soldiers to take over senior jobs from senior JCF commanders has no bearing on the events of the day.
Here’s the thing, Anderson made those arguments to justify his recommendation for an Assistant Superintendent, an untrained JDF soldier who is his driver to be accepted by the JCF, and to be a police officer of zero training.
The lie in all of this, is that Antony Anderson could only have brought over senior members of the JDF to replace senior members of the JCF on one condition.
That they fire the senior officers whose jobs the soldiers would have taken. How exactly would they have pulled that off without creating a major stink in the country?
The pyramid scale of the JCF allows only for so many Deputies, and Assistants to the Commissioner as well as others in the gazetted Ranks.
So the idea that he did not bring but two people with him, is an attempt to prove a negative. A totally fraudulent assertion.
There is absolutely no way they could have pulled it off so that argument is meritless.

Is the commissioner of Police entitled to an Assistant Superintendent of police to head his security detail?
That is the question for the country to contemplate.
If the present commissioner of police who came to the JCF without any policing experience does not trust the members of the JCF with his personal security and on that basis, he wants his longtime bodyguard, does that, therefore, mean that his security is more important that the nation’s chief executive?
Throughout my lifetime the JCF Protective Services Branch has done a stellar job of securing, not just Prime ministers and ministers of Government but other dignitaries as well.
To date, there has been no incident that I know of which has cast a negative light on the Protective Services Branch of the JCF.
Not even the US Secret Service has that good a record as, they have been accused of all kinds of misbehavior in the execution of their duties, including getting drunk on duty and acquiring the services of prostitutes.

This is a bad story for Anderson and the Administration. Unfortunately, people are segmented and brainwashed into complete fealty to the two political parties that they are unable to understand the harm these corrupt practices are having on the country.
So this too will blow over and the grumbling will stop among the cops because Anderson patted them on the back and everything is fine now.
But his disrespectful Assistant Superintendent bodyguard will still be in place and members of the JCF from the Rank of Inspector down will salute and say yes sir.
Such a pathetic sad affair, the kind which we read of in backwater banana republics.
Oh, wait just one minute……Banana Republic?

2 thoughts on “Now Joel Hamilton Apologizes For Crass Remarks But Appointment Still An Issue..

  1. The PNP over the years has been strategically and systematically dismantling the police force to create employment for their friends and children by using parliament to take away agencies from the department under the disguise of modernization. Installing two usurpers into the Jamaican Constabulary Force is modernization and not corruption?

    Unfortunately, the PNP gave us Colonel Trevor MacMillan a man who was investigated by DCP. Leslie Harper for siphoning funds from members of the Jamaica Defense Force when they were sent to Grenada after the assassination of Maurice Bishop and the Jamaican military went there to work with the Americans to restore order. In 1994 the late Michael Manley who was the prime minister of Jamaica appointed this man to lead the Jamaican Constabulary Force as the Commissioner of Police because the outgoing Commissioner of Police Roy Thompson was so corrupt that the elitists protested that they want someone from outside who is not tainted.

    The police force was so corrupt that they brought in a man who was being investigated by the same agency ( the Jamsican Constabulary Force) to lead it and give orders and instructions to those below him. His (Colonel Trevor MacMillan) first order of business was to transfer Deputy Commissioner of Police Leslie Harper who was in charge of the investigation of investigating his role in the missing funds. For the Jamaican soldiers and he publicly called Colonel Trevor MacMillan a fraudster, a con man, and not an honest person because he has destroyed evidence during the investigation of stealing from the soldiers who were deployed to Grenada.

    The PNP in agreement with JLP gave Jamaica its first civilian who was a member of the Jamaican Defense Force and had no business leading an institution as the Jamaican Constabulary Force who was under investigation for stealing from members of the JDF. So he was appointed because he was from the elitist upper echelon: Right color and right zip code.

    Now, we are witnessing former members of the Jamaican Defense Force with no law enforcement training, and certification is enlisted into the Jamaican Constabulary Force as a police officer to a gazetted rank.

    In no other jurisdiction worldwide this could happen! Not even a Banana Republic! Where is the outrage from the elitists, educators, and politicians? Oh, he’s a part of the hierarchy, and we want to make sure that we keep testing the waters until the officer corp of the Jamaican Defense Force are installed into the JCF.

    If the current members don’t unite by not only protesting but by not showing up to work until this usurper is kicked out of the police force because he’s not a police officer but an impostor. Enough is enough!

  2. The reality is that far too many people are either too timid or too intellectually challenged to see these truths.


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