images (4)Even as the United States takes it onto itself to dictate to other Nations about Human Rights. Cops in city after American city continue to kill unarmed black and hispanic men without penalty.

Cops in the United States kill people with a frightening frequency, yet incident after incident gets washedimages (5) away under the pretext that the system is trustworthy and these killings are properly investigated and justice is served.

Well guess what? Justice is not being served when Grand Juries are convened  in private with no input from the public , and cops are exonerated as a matter of course.

Instances of Police Thuggery continue unabated, Black man killed by cops, bystanders take a few pictures, record a few minutes of video, people are enraged, they wash away the blood, it’s back to business as usual. We are told that the matter is being investigated, but what really happens is that the cops are given a pat on the back for a job well done,  sent home with full pay for a few weeks until those milling around are quieted down  and the cycle continues.

images (6)A 400-pound asthmatic Staten Island dad died Thursday after a cop put him in a choke-hold and other officers appeared to slam his head against the sidewalk, video of the incident shows. “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!” Eric Garner, 43, repeatedly screamed after at least five NYPD officers took him down in front of a Tompkinsville beauty supply store when he balked at being handcuffed. Within moments Garner, images (7)a married father of six children with two grandchildren, stopped struggling and appeared to be unconscious as police called paramedics to the scene. An angry crowd gathered, some recording with smartphones. “When I kissed my husband this morning, I never thought it would be for the last time,” Garner’s wife, Esaw, told the Daily News. Article here: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/staten-island-man-dies-puts-choke-hold-article-1.1871486

 This was an incident where cops needed to walk away. These cops seem to have a God Complex . This man was clearly doing nothing wrong, all they had to do is leave, they did not they chose to kill this man for no reason.

The reason they do these things is because there are no consequences for their actions. The black community will have to make a tactical decision whether it wants to continue to be a community of casualties or a community which will send these murdering punks clear and unequivocal messages that you will not kill our people and walk away . There were no shortage of supervisory officers on scene. The woman with arms akimbo is a supervisor . She could have stepped in and stopped the gang behavior, she did not. This is par for the course, these thugs have no regard for the black community. Yet they will  never face up to a black man, man-to-man. This is not Police work these are criminals in uniform.