Barack Obama had his A** handed to him last night, by a slick used car salesman. Mitt Romney once again reinvented himself as a center-left moderate, a complete 180 degree turn from the severe conservative he said he was before.

I watched the debate in stunned silence,as Barack Obama stood there and allowed The lying bastard to lie time and again without challenging him. Mitt Romney and his handlers knew what they had to do and they did it.

It was no surprise that before the last words were uttered in the debates , the rabid right ultra partisan hate mongers were out salivating at what they saw as total domination by their candidate the snake oil salesman.

Leading the charge was the Rabbit tooth race-baiting  Rudolph Giuliani and the twisted mouth George Pataki, interestingly enough , both New York Republicans who managed to be elected to office in that State  despite total disdain and hate for black people.

But this is not about these two morons, this is about Obama and his colossal debate flop, there are no covering this up Barack Obama seemed like a total wuss, period.

Barack Obama      

                          Mitt Romney

I have had the occasion previously, to state clearly,  if Barack Obama does not want to be president anymore he should say so. That person who showed up did not seem to want to be president of the United States.

Liberal commentators Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz blasted Obama for not showing up prepared to debate. At best Obama seemed chastened, unprepared,and even unsure what facial expression to wear.

Obama seemed clearly careful, overtly careful, not to project the image of the angry black man. News flash to Barack Obama, there is not a single American who do not already know you are a black man, and guess what they know you do not like Mitt Romney. What the hell was up with you acting all friendly with Romney?

Here’s a clue to Obama try looking at the Powell doctrine, if  it’s a fair fight do not engage, if you have to go to war take all your weapons use them , kick ass and go home.

Barack Obama went into the first debate with a candidate that was losing, Mitt Romney had no momentum , his campaign lacked cohesion or focus. The primary thing that could be said for Romney’s campaign was that they were throwing s*** at the wall hoping that something would stick.

All Obama had to do was to put his foot on the neck of this pathological liar Mitt Romney and win the presidential race, he failed and he failed dismally. If Barack Obama loses this race he need look no further than the first debate.

If Obama is worried  about not looking like the angry black man at this stage of the game, then he has no idea what the hell is happening out in the country. Anyone who would cast Obama as such, Democrat, Republican, or so-called Independent, were not going to vote for Obama anyway.

And by the way if there is anyone in this country who has a moral right to be angry it is the black man.

For all intents and purposes, the presidential race was supposed to be concluded last night, Obama prolonged it he failed to stomp Romney into a pulp, this rabid dog will come back to bite Obama in the ass.

(1) On the question of the 716 Billion Dollars that Romney alleges the president strips from Medicare, Obama failed to challenge Romney on it, Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan’s budget does the exact same thing, the same budget Romney said he would sign into law.

(2) On the question of raising taxes on the middle class Obama allowed Romney to lie that he would not give the richest Americas a 5 Trillion dollar tax cut , on top of 2 additional Trillion to the Military which the Pentagon does not want, that is 7 Trillion Dollars Romney said he would pay for with closing loopholes. Of course he will not say what loopholes he would close, except to tell Moderator Jim Lehrer  he would cut funding to public television, essentially Romney only had strength for Big Bird.

I could go on and on about how Obama let the snake oil salesman off the hook but I must also reference John Sununu in these blogs again.

John Sununu

This maggot called the president of the United States lazy on MSNBC Thursday with Andrea Mitchell. It is not the first time this deranged Mongrel referred to the President of the United States in that derogatory way. It is one thing to disagree with someone, it is quite another thing to use racial language to describe him.

John Sununu has continued to show himself as a despicable gutter rat that ought not be taken seriously,. Andrea Mitchell called him out on it and rather than back away he doubled down , citing the President’s words when he jokingly said quote: “They are making me do my home work”, the president made the comment after he delivered Piazza to his staff at one of his campaign offices in Colorado.

Within the group of slime balls out there , angry at a black man in the White House this degenerate Sununu has exemplified himself as among  the worse.

But back to Obama he did not mention Romney’s 47% comment.

He did not mention Romney and republicans war on women.

He did not bring up Romney and republican’s war on immigrants, and self-deportation.

He did not bring up that  Romney said he was severely conservative,  even though Romney is on record saying he was not a Reaganite, but an Independent.

He did not bring up any of the multiplicity of positions Romney has taken on every issue over the years , or over the course of this campaign.

He did not mention Bain Capital.

He did not mention Romney’s offshore accounts.

He did not mention Romney s lies on his China Policy.

He did not mention Romney’s war monger saber-rattling, toward Iran.

I will stop here I’m really too angry at this performance.