Obama’s Approval Dips !


President Obama’s approval rating is now at an all time low of 43% according to a recent CBS poll, his disapproval now stands at 50 %.

The political vultures smell blood and are already circling ready for the carcass. Many have already given him up as dead.

The best thing this president has going for him is a republican party that  cannot find a serious candidate that has half the intellect he has.

The venomous hate in the blogosphere, radio, and TV caused me to wonder how in hell this man ever got elected president of these United  States?

I am reminded whenever I see the rancid hate filled rants , that there are still a lot of republicans who did not vote for the president, these are generally low information semi /and illiterates who are really not exposed , they do not care to know any truths beyond what passes for it in their little cocoon.

The house and senate is now populated  with tea party  members who have taken an oath not to work with the president on anything, this is solely  based on race , the president knows it but won’t say it , members of the black caucus knows it but won’t say it, democrats know it but they are mostly white and will not call out their own . Blood is thicker than water.

President Obama must take the bull by the horns , his supporters did not elect him to roll over to racist lying republicans, they did not elect him to acquiesce to republican demands, they voted for him to enact the agenda he laid out on the campaign trail, they did not elect him to give republicans what they want, neither  was he elected only to allow republicans to govern from the minority.

They have essentially been governing from the minority from day one of the president’s term, jamming and obstructing at every turn. This has got to stop mister Obama, you have demonstrated that you are willing to make peace and work together.

Republicans do not want you to have any accomplishments, they said so, you acknowledged it recently , they have said they will not support any bill that could give you a win.

Imagine that, giving you a win , they do not care about the people or the country, country be damned, as long as they stop you.

Any further attempts at working  with them can only be interpreted not as conciliatory but as weakness





President Obama

Americans want their president to be forceful, determined and resolute .

Right now this president is kowtowing to the people who want to witness his demise,  for no other reason than the color of his skin.

I understand his stated goal to reach across the aisle and offer a hand of reconciliation and compromise.

Mister President there are no hands for you to grasp.

They have pulled their hands away,you are no longer a Senator looking for others to co-sign a Bill, you are the President of the United States of America, act like it.

mike beckles:

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