Obama’s Race Problem:

One thing people understand is when you speak to them in simple language. Republicans understand that. At every level of the political debate Republicans talk to

 people in simple concise language, it matters not that they may be lying. Working class people generally do not care too much for elitists who talk in superfluous language, seeming to lecture them.

This applies to people in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa,and all across America in so-called working-class neighbourhoods/ blue-collar neighborhoods where people get up go to work in factories, on farms, and in small businesses.

Try telling that to Democrats.

I simply cannot understand why those who classify themselves as democrats feel that they must show how smart they are by using double speak; we get it that you have multiple degrees from wherever, but the average voter in rural Pennsylvania needs to be able to relate to what you are selling.

 On the very day he was being inaugurated, a super  secretive group of right-wing operatives were meeting in an undisclosed location in Washington DC plotting the political demise of Obama.

It mattered not that this was a historic moment in American history, which many would argue, every American should celebrate, if not for Obama, at least for the country they claim to love.

Senate Minority leader  Mitch McConell sums up a republican strategy that was discussed in that secretive DC meeting which neither he nor John Boehner were privileged to attend. QUOTE ” “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

 Republicans could not have selected a more representative replica to narrate the central tenet of their intentions, than the old curmudgeon from Kentucky.

In McConell’s face is everything that America seeks to  move  away from-hate, dysfunction, obstruction, lies,deceit, racism etc.

So lets start with establishing what no one wants to say, not even the president’s supporters. I will say it however.

None of the dysfunction, gridlock, nastiness, pettiness, name-calling,and the inability to get anything done in Washington DC is about party political differences.

[The stark reality is that republicans wants to ensure that the presidency of Barack Obama is such a dismal failure that this country will not consider electing another African-American for another century]

There ladies and gentlemen are the facts,and they do not care what harm they do to the country or its inhabitants in the process. John Boehner speaker of the house , powerless over his own caucus has allowed himself to be a pawn of the lunatic hate fringe that has catapulted  scores of so-called Tea-party freaks into representational politics.

The problem with the voters who voted these lunatics into office is that they get nothing in return. None of these idiots are interested in getting anything done except giving tax-cuts to the richest of the rich.

All of the fiscal prudence that has formed the foundation of the tea-party wing-nuts arguments (and I daresay their very existence) was nowhere to be found a few months earlier when Bush was in the White house, where have all of this fiscal conservatism come from all of a sudden? The strategy is to roll back even the affordable care act which they themselves dubbed “Obama-care”. They got out front of the affordable care act demonizing it as radical and bad for Americans.  Many, including the president say the affordable care act is not perfect, still an opposition which cares about people would work with the administration to fix it . Despite it’s perceived flaws, this legislation has tremendous positive impact on the lives of tens of millions of Americans.

How  smart is a population really if it may be manipulated into believing that legislation which allows their children who are out of a job to stay on their health insurance until they are age 26 is somehow a bad thing?

How smart are a people who insurance companies can no longer tell  they will not insure them because they have pre-existing conditions? yet they beleive the lie that it is a bad thing?

How smart is a population if it may be manipulated into believing that a law which does not allow Health Insurance companies to refuse to cover illnesses for people insured by them, a bad thing?

This is the battle president Obama faces. Where else would a president who has accomplished so much in such a short time be in a tight race? Much less be in a tight race with a guy whose party has done nothing but stand in the way of economic recovery?

The matter is simply one of race. Republicans of all stripes, on every issue, whether it’s women’s health, immigration, entitlements, you name it, has stated they want to return to the past. The fact is that America included, and benefitted only some. This dog-whistle to their base is lost on no one. When the playing field is level all people benefit. Republicans wants to take the country back to a time when only white men were afforded full citizenship; African-Americans and other minorities, women and gays were not allowed to participate.

It is a serious psychological flaw on the part of those who feel they may only be able to compete when the odds are stacked in their favor. This country can ill afford to go back to the age of exclusion, discrimination, recriminations, and exploitations. The intellectual elite must do a better job of communicating the benefits of inclusion to the blue-collar workers in the heart-land and those in the south who are still fighting the civil war, while it repudiate and rubbish exclusion. They must be taught that when one does better we all do better.

For hundreds of years many were allowed to make the rules, everyone else lived in their world and played by their rules. People of all stripes and persuasion are now standing and demanding their place in the sun. The presidency of Barack Obama will never be removed from the history books. The ascendency to high office by people like Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton , Hilda Solis, Susan Rice ,and many more, blacks, women, those who are gay , straight, Asians, Hispanics, Americans all, represents the ever-changing face of the American landscape.

It behoves those who want to turn the clock back that they learn to compete with everyone else, this is the face of the future.