Think whats happening in Jamaica is a joke?
Think again!
The small Island of 4411 square miles is just a hop skip and a jump from Morant Point to Negril. With newly built Highways it’s now only a breeze to skip from one point to the other.
I mean that not as an encouragement to the dangerous and reckless lunatics who drive on the roads at breakneck speeds.
Neither do I want to make it seem like it’s okay to overtake long lines of vehicles going in the same direction on dual carriageways forcing traffic going in the opposite direction to take evasive action or end up in a head on collision.

A daily occurrence

Now we all know how Jamaicans are focused on whats important we never miss an opportunity to be extra or to show just how different we are.
In fact, we are so intent on being different we seldom recognize that we offend the hell out of others.
And why not, if you don’t agree with us putting our phone on speaker as we walk into the bank or office while we chat at the top of our voices as everyone looks on in horror, then that’s your fault, who cares that you are offended?

Why should we care about anything anyone says, we are the people who place John in front of Crow then change it to Jankru. We are the people who make a mountain of dissing a live and beautiful Ishawna over a harmless comment as we resurrect an iconic yet long deceased Louise Bennett-Coverly, lavish praise on her,  all because we conclude Ishawna dissed the clothes she wore decades ago. Never mind that the idiotic arguments are centered around bandana a type of fabric miss Lou wore as a costume. Ishawna dresses skimpily, it’s a costume, Miss Lou dressed in bandana, it was a costume.
Cultural diss, what baloney?
What stupidity!
Truly miss Lou would have wondered whether we have lost our damn minds.


There is no wonder we always seem to place the cart before the horse. We never listen to reason because we wholeheartedly convince ourselves that the deviances inherent in our behaviors are worthwhile pros rather than cringe-worthy cons.

We need a fresh new start, if we do not make a turn, it won’t be long before the stupidity we allow to persist will be our ultimate demise.
Shielding a cowardly punk who have just gunned down three people while blaming the police for exterminating the piece of excrement is not calling for justice.
It demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that every jack one of you on that demonstration line is no different than the scum lying dead on the sidewalk.

What I will never do under any condition is to pretend that the ridiculously negative things we do are somehow praise-worthy things to be emulated or be proud of.
If your son shoots someone and is in turn shot by the police or anyone else that does not make the police or anyone else worthy of your ire it makes you complicit if you blame the process of his demise rather than his actions which caused his demise in the first instance.

The country is awash in guns, guns are everywhere AK47’s M16’s and all kinds of assault weapons which were designed to exact mass casualties.
The security forces are struggling mightily to remove some of the weapons and ammunition from the streets.
Something tells me though that the weapons and ammunition are coming in a torrent.Meanwhile, the security forces are taking some back in a trickle.

The bonding together of JLPNP gangsters in 2010 in common unity to defend Tivoli Gardens and Christopher Duddus Coke from extradition would have awakened smart people that this monster must be stamped out once and for all.
Instead, the party in power the JLP took all kinds of actions, including using taxpayers funds to pay a lobbying firm to defend a common thug they had created and nurtured.

Tivoli panel..
Hazel Harris, David Simmons, and Anthony Harriott

Not to be outdone, as soon as they took office instead of securing the nation the PNP decided to play politics by shoring up their garrisons while reveling in the destruction of Tivoli Gardens as the quintessential political stronghold.
But that wasn’t all, in an effort to score political points the PNP went ahead with a Kangaroo panel which decided that the valiant security forces who went to that war were to be chastised and admonished for risking their lives to annex Tivoli to Jamaica.”
Truth be told the PNP administration which was never a law and order party, really wanted members of the security forces jailed for doing exactly what they were sworn and asked to do.
Not only were the security forces demonized by the prostitutes who made up the panel they also recommended that a formal apology is made to the community.
You simply cannot make this up.

You can rest assured that if you sow the wind you will reap the whirlwind.
The coming together of dozens possibly hundreds of heavily armed thugs for a common cause is now not out of the realm of possibility.
They have demonstrated that money or the lure of it trumps pretty much all else.
In 2010 thugs loyal to both parties came together, setting politics and other considerations aside to lend their muscle  to Coke, all for the almighty dollar.

Mark my words this bullshit pussyfooting by this administration as it was the one before it is playing with fire.
You fight fire with fire suppressant. Some fires are fought with water others sand and others foam, it all depends on the accelerant fueling the fire.

scenes from 2010, this will be a cakewalk compared to whats to come.

I’m actually smiling because I know as sure as night follows the day that the day will come when they will rise up and take out elements of the power structure in the country and everyone will be left with mouths agape, wondering how in the hell did this happen.
Don’t look at me you pretentious bastards want to pretend that these terrorists should be treated as choir boys?
Deal with the consequences!

There is one solution to what is happening, unleash the full power of the law on these scum and let the chips fall where they may.
Then rebuild.