Dr. Peter Phillips the man who went to the scene of death of the late Willie Hoggart as well as to his funeral once stated that name brand police officers made crime in Jamaica worse.
What a lie, it is “fake news” his rhetoric was dishonest, disingenuous and at best stupid., Phillips is one of those politicians who hates members of the Jamaican Constabulary Force for various reasons.
As a former member of the Jamaican Constabulary Force and a Detective Constable whose last division was St. Andrew South, Hunts Bay Police Station, to be exact.  I am one of the happiest ex-members  I have no regrets about leaving the force. My only regret not leaving earlier and wasted about nine more years of my life in the organization.


Mr. Reneto Adams and many Jamaicans do not know or understand that the “Jamaican Labor Party government and the other politicians” in Jamaica have declared “war” on the Jamaican Constabulary Force members from May 2010.

After, the security forces incursion into Tivoli Gardens,  to arrest and execute the extradition warrant on “Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke” politicians declared war on these Patriots.
The current Jamaican Labor Party government is not interested in reducing crime in Jamaica they are the party which “lobbied” the American government not to extradite one of their strong men.

The days of name brand police certainly now seem like the good old days.  Officers like1).Toney Hewitt (deceased). (2) Douglas Guthrie. (3) Tom Levine. (4) Isiah Laing. (5). Bigga Ford. (6) Donovan O’Connor o/c Hucks. (7) Dadrick Henry. (8) Derrick Knight o/c Cowboy.(9). Reuben Gunter o/c Rambo. (10). Bobby Reds. (11). Brown Laing from Westmoreland. (12). Karate Georgie.(13). Bag and Pan. (14).



Troubles from Linstead.(15). Errol Thompson o’/c Gatta. (16). Roy ‘Denzil” Boyd (deceased)(17). Leroy Nicely (Deceased). (18). Faggoty. (19). Linroy Edwards o/c Eddie. (20) Calvin Lewis o/c Dibble. (21). Wayne Josephs. (22). Clive Coleman.(23). Errol Welby o/c Captain from Kingston Central.(24). Hydol from Spanish Town.(25). Tony Frye. (26).Dalphi Graveny. (27).

Ivanhoe Thompson. (28). Dave Daley (Deceased). (29). Charlie Mendez. (30) Ludlo Mowatt (deceased). (31). Parro Campbell. (32) Mug from Radication Base. (33). Oswald Ayre. (34). Mevral Smith. (35).Mike Beckles and a plethora of talented and feared detectives that drive fear into the hearts of criminals.

Isiah Laing

Now, criminals are physically beating up officers because there are no laws that make it mandatory for the offender to go to prison like in America. Criminals can shoot at the police, and they know that if they escaped and caught later. Whenever they are brought before the courts, they are going to be acquitted.

Only a fool would want to serve in the Jamaican Constabulary Force especially when the government is not a fan of those who are willing to risk their lives for the people of Jamaica.
It’s only a matter of time before Jamaican criminals begin doing the things which the terrorists are doing overseas. It may be only then that the politicians will feel the heat when it comes to the shore of Jamaica in that degree.


Last year officers were attacked by gangsters who lobbed grenades at them.
The incident did not even move the [idiot, criminal loving] Prime minister to act in the best interest of the Jamaican people.
If I were a man of criminal intent and looking for a place to set up my organization, Jamaica would be the ideal location, the place to set-up my criminal organization.

The Jamaican government’s policies are more favorable to the criminals than to the law enforcement officers. It is like Somalia and Mexico! Where I am living at this time, members of the local, city, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are treated like Gods. Do you think that a politician could survive or even have a career here if he is known “anti-police and pro-criminal politician?”

Altamoth (parro) Caampbell
Retired DSP

That could never happen.
Most Jamaicans are missing the bigger picture when it comes to criminals: It is big business, and the players who are making money are not your friends.
The people who live in the affluent communities are the ones who are behind this monster, and they are reaping money like rain, and the politicians know this.

In everything, there are cause and effect. The effect is that the best and brightest will get fearful and migrate to Europe or North America and make those continents and countries better while Jamaica is uninhabitable.

Uninhabitable to live, work, or raise a family.
One message for the members of the Jamaican Constabulary Force, resign and migrate, and your lives will be much, much better, and your stress level will be perfect. Imagine your blood pressure 118/74…that’s more than perfect. Why are willing to give away your life to a system that is designed to criminalize you and protect criminals?

Your best bet is to leave the police force. I have left and had zero regrets. Every day when I read what the government is doing, I know that I made the right, best decision in my life. Resign!!!

Dr. Phillips is not a friend of the police, and he would like to treat the force as if it is personal security firm employees. He is a charlatan, fraud, and .an oppressor of the police force.
Holness is no better.
Finally, the name brand police officers are the thing of the past in Jamaica because the government would make sure that they find something to arrest and charged them with.

In America, in every community, especially the “hoods” there is name brand police officers in every precinct.  Bad boys know them and are scared of them. The Jamaican Politicians have done away with name brand cops and now the country is a criminal’s paradise in the Caribbean Sea.

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  1. I respect the police in Jamaica because it is a respectable job as the teacher, nurse and garbage men these reound people are our sivel servants, the court is the head then you have the government and the lower house That is given power by the.people. This circle including churches and civic organization .
    Why I use The above professionals in my statement tell me where a police is not involved mind of the way we treat our servants by discrediting them in any form care you will find that we are Jamaicans first thank you.

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