We nuh inna di INDECOM business, straight up!” Said, one Resident.

See da community right now, we nuh need INDECOM.. INDECOM a buil‘ a bagga gunman inna Jamaica enuh,” chimed another

[Councillor for the Papine Division Venesha Phillips]

What residents witnessed this morning was as an assault on the police and on the community.

Understand that while we have no difficulty with INDECOM, we want to make sure that citizens feel safe. And anything that looks like the police will be placed in a situation where they are going to pull back, for whatever reason, then the citizens are not going to have it,” expressed Phillips.

This community is severely broken and the police must be able to take charge of the ground. So nothing that will get in the way of that will be tolerated.

Residents were responding to the upsurge of violence in their community of Jungle August Town St. Andrew.
According to published reports, gunmen invaded and opened fire killing 35-year-old David Stewart, a correctional officer at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Center.

This is what officers face when they go out to make arrests they do need our support.

Two police officers who responded and were engaged in processing the crime scene were attacked by the heavily armed gangsters resulting in injury to one officer.
The police were reportedly forced to retreat from the scene in the face of superior firepower.

Guess who showed up?
You guessed it ……..INDECOM!  In the face of the people’s anger and disgust the INDECOM agent clearly tone deaf at what was being conveyed  he went on to advance the following, ” we are always here to investigate impartially.”That nonsense train had long left the station, the agent was clearly trying to save his own ass.

That drew the ire of the  beleaguered now less blinkered residents.  Seemingly at least some of them are beginning to awake to the reality that INDECOM in its present configuration is a crime enhancement agency.
This writer and this publication is dedicated to the rule of law as such we want crooked cops in prison.

A recent picture of a young women with a lethal weapon

Nevertheless, as I have maintained since the act was being debated in 2010 the idea though not lacking in merit, was being done as a punitive redress to the criminal rights fraternity, and as such the operational tenets of the law were flawed.

Additionally, the Commissioner of INDECOM,Terrence Williams, disqualified himself as an impartial investigator, casting his lot with the other rabble  rousing bottom feeders who pretend to be human rights advocates.
As a result, Williams’s cantankerous and unnecessarily confrontational relationship with the JCF, the nation’s chief law enforcement agency, was uncalled for and should not have occurred.

Brazen images many Jamaicans do not see.

By his actions(meeting and conferencing with criminal rights activists )while in the role as commissioner of INDECOM, Terrence Williams, by his own actions created a toxic atmosphere which could only result in a rapid growth in crime.

Year over year murder continues to climb, despite calls from the police and supporters like this publication to the authorities that the INDECOM act is onerous, unjust and a driver of crime, successful administrations of both political parties have done nothing to repeal and redo a common-sense law which we all can be proud of.

To add insult to injury the narcissistic media whore of a commissioner Terrence Williams was given a second term as “a direct fuck you” to the police.
Be it understood that there is no single issue driving crime in our country, there is a cornucopia of issues contributing to its growth.
None more than the albatross called INDECOM around the neck of the nation’s crime officers in their ability to do their jobs.

Maybe, just damn maybe, the people , the real owners of Jamaica, the every man/woman from up in August Town to  every nook a cranny in Salt Marsh St James will rise up and say no more.
No more foreign funded sellouts to tell us how to police our communities with their satellites perched in their ivory towers up at Mona and New Kingston.

Is this an awakening ?
Time will tell….